Vivaldi 1.10: Replace New Tab Page With Extensions

Once Vivaldi 1.9 was released to the stable branch, the next version of the browser reached the developer branch. A new snapshot of the upcoming version  1.10, introduces the ability  to customize the New Tab page with extensions. Let's see what else has changed.

A new option will allow the user to control what happens on the new tab page with extensions. Using this new feature, you can add something useful instead of Speed Dial. For example, you can install a third party extension to show different time zones or motivational quotes. There are plenty of extensions to choose from.

To try out this feature, you need to install Vivaldi 1.10.838.7.

Vivaldi 1.10 Preview

Once the browser is installed, you need to install an extension that provides an alternative speed dial/new tab page. For example, you can install the Incredible StartPage extension.

Vivaldi Inc Start Page

After that, go to Settings -> Tabs ->New Tab Page and enable the option Control by Extension. See the following screenshot.

Vivaldi Controled By Extension

Now you have a custom New Tab page provided by the installed extension.


Vivaldi Default Speed Dial


Vivaldi Custom Speed Dial

Download Vivaldi 1.10.838.7

Source: Vivaldi.

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