Track Windows Insider Builds with Flight Hub

Microsoft is continuously releasing preview builds to Insiders on several Rings of updates for different devices running Windows. It can be complicated to keep your eye on things, and remember which build is the most recent for each branch. Flight Hub is a new helpful tool to solve this task.

Senior Program Manager for the Windows Insider Program, Brandon LeBlanc, has created a new website to help users track Insider preview builds of Windows 10 which have already been released for different devices.

Flighthub Web Site

It shows preview builds which were released for PC, Windows Server, Internet of Things, and the various SDKs along with their available ISO images. Each build has a link to the official announcement.

The functionality of the website is expected to be extended soon. Moreover, it will be integrated into the Windows Insider website and the Windows 10 Feedback Hub.

The site can be found HERE.

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