Rename Quick Access pinned folders in Windows 10

The Quick Access location is a new folder in File Explorer of Windows 10. It is where Explorer opens by default instead of This PC. Quick Access shows recent files and frequent folders in a single view. You can also pin various locations inside Quick Access. But unlike Favorites from earlier versions of Windows, Quick Access does not let you rename pinned items when you right click them. In this article, we will see how to change the displayed name for folders pinned to Quick Access.

Suppose you have the following folders on your disk drive.

C:\Test folder\Folder 1\Pin me
C:\Test folder\Folder 2\Pin me
C:\Test folder\Folder 3\Pin me
C:\Test folder\Folder 4\Pin me

See this screenshot: Windows 10 pin me folder example

Now, let's pin every "Pin me" folder to Quick Access.

See the result: Windows 10 folders are pinned same name

All folders are pinned under the same name. There is no way to tell which folder is located on which drive without clicking it.

Once you rename the target folder, it becomes clear. Unfortunately, sometimes you cannot rename the target folder as it can be in use by other apps and services.

The Quick Access location does not offer an option to rename pinned items: Windows 10 quick access no rename command

Here is a workaround.

Rename Quick Access pinned folders in Windows 10

  1. Unpin from Quick Access all folders you want to rename.
  2. Create a new empty folder on your disk drive. I suggest you to create it in your user profile folder (%userprofile%, c:\Users\username), because you won't need to use this folder every day but you will need it to organize the data we put there. Inside the user profile folder, the folder will remain safe and you will not see it often.
    So, create the following folder:

     c:\Users\your_user_name\Pinned Folders

    See the following screenshot: Windows 10 pinned folders folder in user folder

  3. Now, open a new command prompt window and type the following command:
    mklink /J "%userprofile%\Pinned Folders\New Name for Folder" "c:\path to original\folder you want to pin to Quick Access"

    The mklink command will create a symbolic link to the folder you want to pin to Quick Access but this symbolic link will be stored with a new name inside the "Pinned Folders" directory.
    So in my case, I should execute the following commands:

    mklink /J "%userprofile%\Pinned Folders\Pin me 1" "C:\Test folder\Folder 1\Pin me"
    mklink /J "%userprofile%\Pinned Folders\Pin me 2" "C:\Test folder\Folder 2\Pin me"
    mklink /J "%userprofile%\Pinned Folders\Pin me 3" "C:\Test folder\Folder 3\Pin me"
    mklink /J "%userprofile%\Pinned Folders\Pin me 4" "C:\Test folder\Folder 4\Pin me"

    The result will be as follows: Windows 10 create symbolic links Windows 10 symbolic links created

  4. Now right click the items in the "%userprofile%\Pinned Folders" folder and pin them to Quick Access.
    Windows 10 pin symbolic links
    They will have different and recognizable names: Windows 10 symbolic links pinned

This is quite a tedious method, but it works to give unique names i.e. rename folders pinned to Quick Access. Maybe some day, Microsoft will improve Quick Access feature and add native ability to rename pinned items. As of this writing, the most recent Windows 10 build 14388 does not come with the ability to rename Quick Access pinned items.

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  1. Danushka

    A great work around!

    The only caveat is that the path of the newly created link is not having the original path instead it has new one (e.g. if you check the path in cmd)


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