PowerShell 7 Final Version is Generally Available

Microsoft today released the final version of the next gen PowerShell scripting language, PowerShell 7. It contains a number of new features and many bug fixes from both the community as well as the PowerShell team.

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PowerShell 7, also known as PowerShell Core, is a cross-platform scripting solution available on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

PowerShell 7 now utilizes .NET Core 3.1, but keeps backward compatibility with modules previously available for the classic PowerShell product. Also, PowerShell introduces a new argument, -UseWindowsPowerShell, to force run a cmdlet under the classic engine.

New features of PowerShell 7

  • Pipeline parallelization with ForEach-Object -Parallel
  • New operators:
    • Ternary operator: a ? b : c
    • Pipeline chain operators: || and &&
    • Null conditional operators: ?? and ??=
  • A simplified and dynamic error view and Get-Error cmdlet for easier investigation of errors
  • A compatibility layer that enables users to import modules in an implicit Windows PowerShell session
  • Automatic new version notifications
  • The ability to invoke DSC resources directly from PowerShell 7 (experimental)

PowerShell 7 currently supports the following operating systems on x64, including:

  • Windows 8.1, and 10
  • Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, and 2019
  • macOS 10.13+
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) / CentOS 7
  • Fedora 30+
  • Debian 9
  • Ubuntu LTS 16.04+
  • Alpine Linux 3.8+

Additionally, PowerShell 7.0 supports ARM32 and ARM64 flavors of Debian, Ubuntu, and ARM64 Alpine Linux.

Check out the full introduction HERE to learn more about this update.

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    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

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