Opera 66: History panel in the sidebar

The team behind the Opera browser has released the first Opera 66 build, which is now available in the Developer channel. Along with fixes and improvements, Opera 66 gives you faster access to your browsing history by placing it in the sidebar.

Opera 66

The official announcement states that the History page of the browser is now integrated in the sidebar in form of a panel. From that panel, the user will be able to easily browse the history of the previously visited websites, clear your browsing data and reopen your recently closed tabs.

Opera 66 History Panel

The panel also has a search field on top to help you find the required entry faster. Clicking on Show full History at the bottom will open the internal History page.

Opera 66 is currently based on Chromium 79.

Known issues:

  • There are no Linux packages for this release
  • Settings page might crash


Installation links:

You might be interested in reading the full changelog.

Source: Opera

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