Opera 62 Released: Dark Mode Improvements, Task Completer, and more

Today the team behind the Opera browser released a new version of their product. Opera 62 is now available to the stable branch users, featuring design updates with a number of usability improvements.

The key changes of Opera 62 are as follows.

Dark theme changes

Developers are working actively on improving the dark theme starting its first appearance in Opera 60 'Reborn 3'. In addition to the built-in theme, the Opera browser can follow the Windows dark theme. Version 62 brings the improved dark theme to the authentication dialogs, context menus and bookmarks. The checkmark icon will now also change colors when hovered. Also, the color of alert texts has been changed to a new shade of red.


Make Speed Dial Tiles Bigger

Here is the default size of Speed Dial tiles in Opera 62:

Opera 62 Def Tiles

With new option is enabled, they appear as follows:

Opera 62 Bigger Tiles

The new option can be found under Settings (Alt + P) \ Start page. Scroll down the right side to the Start page section and turn on the Use bigger tiles toggle options.

Opera 62 Enable Bigger Tiles

Task Completer: Browser’s history in Speed Dial

Opera 62 introduces a new the option to connect your browser’s history to your Speed Dial so that you can more easily return to and finish the tasks you’ve started. This should happen seamlessly – without the need for you to dig through your history or locate the tab you started with. This is a concept which was first shown in the Neon project.

Opera 62 Task Completer

Developers want to experiment with Task Completer in a context where retrieving previous search results is most important, such as travel.

When we look for flights and book hotels we don’t always make instant decisions. Oftentimes, we want to go back to a specific hotel and show it to friends or loved ones traveling with us before we book. That is why, in this first experimental release of the Task Completer, we are helping you get back to the hotels that you searched for on booking.com. We will present them to you locally, on Opera’s Speed Dial. This is done fully client-side, without any network look-up, and will only appear for active booking.com users who have looked into at least 3 different hotels. You can use the preview feature immediately or hide it for later. This feature has already helped relieve the chaos while planning our holidays and we hope you will find it as useful as we do. 


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