Opera 56: Volume Control For Video Pop Out, Disable Scroll To Top Option

The team behind the popular Opera browser released a new developer version of their product. A new developer version 56.0.3045.0 of Opera is available for download. It features a couple of new improvements: A new volume control for the video pop-out feature and the ability to disable the 'scroll to top' feature.

The volume control looks as follows:

Opera 56 Volume Control Video Pop Out

The scroll to the top of the page feature allows the user to instantly scroll to the top of the web page by clicking on the active tab. Many of users requested to have the ability to disable or enable this feature.

Today's builds features a new option option on the Settings page, under Advanced > User interface > Scroll on active tab on tab clicked.

Opera 56 Disable Scroll To Top

Download Opera 56.0.3045.0

You can download this build using the following links.

The complete change log can be found here.

Source: Opera

3 thoughts on “Opera 56: Volume Control For Video Pop Out, Disable Scroll To Top Option

  1. Walter Déda

    Scroll to the top?!
    Just press home on keyboard and… voilá!

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      The Opera team tries to be innovative.

  2. Ian Simpson

    How can I disable the Opera volume control feature?


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