New Year 2017 Theme for Windows 10

Prepare your desktop for the upcoming New Year celebration with this beautiful New Year 2017 theme for Windows 10. It contains several stunning wallpapers to spice up your desktop.

Here are a few screenshots:

new-year-theme-2017-for-windows-10-theme-1new-year-theme-2017-for-windows-10-theme-7 new-year-theme-2017-for-windows-10-theme-6 new-year-theme-2017-for-windows-10-theme-5 new-year-theme-2017-for-windows-10-theme-4 new-year-theme-2017-for-windows-10-theme-3 new-year-theme-2017-for-windows-10-theme-2 The New Year 2017 theme comes with 17 beautiful desktop backgrounds. It is a *.deskthemepack file which features the automatic color selection based on the current wallpaper.

To get this theme, click the download link below, and then click Open. This will apply the theme to your Desktop.

Size: 9 Mb

You can download this theme here:

Download New Year 2017 Theme for Windows 10

8 thoughts on “New Year 2017 Theme for Windows 10

  1. Alicia

    Thank you! Happy new year!

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Happy New Year.
      You are welcome!

  2. cents

    Changing your wallpaper is now considered themes? I miss real themes on Windows 7.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      it is like that since Windows 7, once Microsoft invented the *.themepack format.

  3. Heke

    Lmao you will get better custom themes with little effort.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Good for you.

  4. Nick

    is this available for windows 7 would like a version for windows 7 there only seems to be old ones why is that


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