Mozilla Firefox 64 with Windows 10 Notification Support

As you may remember, the Google Chrome browser recently got support for native Windows 10 notifications along with Action Center integration. Finally, the same feature has come to Firefox. Its version 64 now supports Action Center notifications on Windows 10.

With this new feature, Firefox is now able to show notifications from web sites as native notification toasts. They will appear in Action Center, which is where you can adjust their options.

The Action Center feature in Windows 10 might be familiar to Windows Phone users. It stores notifications about all important events like updates, maintenance and security warnings in a single place.

For Firefox, you can set the numbers of visible notifications, change their priority, change the Focus Assist options, and more. Everything can be done with the built-in Settings app of Windows 10.

The user can disable notifications or change their options, as follows.

  1. Open the Settings app. Windows 10 Creators Update Settings 15019
  2. Go to System -> Notifications & actions.
  3. On the right, enable the Firefox option under Get notifications from these apps.Firefox Notification Settings
  4. On the next page, you can change the following options:Firefox Notification Change Settings

The options include "Show notification banners". If you disable this option, it will hide Desktop notifications but keep notifications in the Action Center. You can also disable or enable the option "Show notifications in action center" to get rid of notifications from Firefox in the Action center. Finally, you can change the number of notifications visible in the action center, and change their priority. If "do not disturb" mode is enabled or Focus Assist is configured to hide notifications, the browser will respect these options.

This is not the first time when Firefox is getting tight integration with the OS. Some time ago, Mozilla had a special "Metro" version of the browser for Windows 8. The project is discontinued as of this writing.

You can get Firefox Nightly here.

Tip: See How to Run different Firefox versions simultaneously. While it is possible to install different Firefox versions in one OS, they all try to use the default browser profile, as a result of which they can't run simultaneously. So, it is a good idea to apply a workaround mentioned in the article.

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