Movies & TV and Weather Apps Receive New Colorful Icons

Microsoft continues to update icons for the built-in apps. Movies & TV and Weather is receiving brand new colorful icons, following Camera, Mail, Calendar, Snip & Sketch, and Microsoft Office.

Start Menu New Colorful Icons

Here's how they look.

Movies & TV:

Movies And TV Icon


MSN Weather Icon

Also, the Camera app in Windows 10 receives a new icon, following the Office suite, Mail, Outlook, and Calendar which reflects the modern design of Microsoft's products.

The new Office icons:

Office Icons

The next screenshot demonstrate the new Start Menu layout with a few new icons which should reach Windows 10 Insider Preview in the near future.

Windows 10 New Camera Icon

The following apps have received new colorful icons:

  • MailMail Icon
  • CalendarCalendar
  • CameraCamera Icon
  • Snip & SketchSnip Sketch Icon

The Snip & Sketch icon at a glance reminds of the classic Snipping Tool icon. The other icons are of blue colors.

Finally, the Mail and Calendar apps for Android have also got a new, unique design.

Mail And Calendar

Source: Aggiornamenti Lumia. Thanks to Nick for his tips.

4 thoughts on “Movies & TV and Weather Apps Receive New Colorful Icons

  1. Sargon

    Good, Good. Soon we’ll be able to pretend that Windows 8 and “Metro” never happened.

  2. Windows10Resistance

    It took them 4 years to realize flat monochromatic icons just look bad. Or maybe they made the icons ugly on purpose so that everyone upgrades to the new, better looking version when it comes out.

  3. Aria Wilson

    Thanks for the article. I have checked many articles on this topic but couldn’t find a complete explanation and then I found your article. Surely, you must have done great research for this article.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Yep, I have done really great research. It was hard to follow the source on Twitter. Thanks for your kind words.


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