Meet the new Edge Add-ons website

If you were following the Build 2020 event, you may remember that Microsoft was about to create a new web site for Edge add-ons/extensions. Today, Microsoft has launched the new web site with a number of usability improvements.

Its front page now includes a set of popular extensions, along with add-on categories on the right. The search page has been also updated with extra details on extensions found.

Edge Add Ons Web Site

There are also a section for popular add-ons, and a section with extensions recommended by editors.

Edge Add Ons Web Site Search Page

The company said the new design works well with Windows Narrator, and when High Contrast enabled.

Besides the Edge add-ons web site, users can use Google Web Store for installing missing extensions from there. Being a Chromium-based browser, Microsoft Edge supports both extension sources.


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