Instagram for Windows 10 is finally getting a live tile

Instagram for Windows Phone was always one of the reasons for users to complain about the platform. At first, there wasn't an official client at all, but some good 3rd party alternatives were created by independent developers. Then there was a version for Windows Phone 8.1 which was updated just a few times and always lacked some features compared to variants for other platforms. Instagram then announced that they were bringing the full Instagram experience to Windows 10, including both Mobile and PC apps. These apps are still being updated. Instagram has started to close some feature gaps. They are adding a Live Tile for Instagram, a feature unique to the Windows platform.


With the latest update, now available in the Windows Store, Instagram for Windows 10 finally has a true live tile. This feature was missing since the transition from Windows 8.1's Metro app to a UWP app and was highly requested by users. It's not clear right now if the Mobile version is getting that feature too since it was updated without any change log.

Other improvements in this update are related to the speed and stability of the app.

You can get the latest version of Instagram for Windows 10 from the Windows Store.

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