How to pin folders, drives, files or any shortcut to the Taskbar in Windows 8 and Windows 7

Microsoft introduced a redesigned taskbar in Windows 7, which got rid of the Quick Launch toolbar. Even though Quick Launch can be put back, the larger icons on the new Taskbar are better for today's resolutions. Also, with the new Taskbar, Microsoft added 1-click pinning of items. Unfortunately, not everything can be pinned to the Taskbar. For example, folders or disk drives cannot be pinned directly, nor can you pin files directly. Pinning Control Panel items, Libraries, special commands also isn't easy. Luckily, Winaero has Taskbar Pinner for our readers.

There are various manual workarounds you *can* use to pin other items which you can't normally pin, such as creating a shortcut on the Desktop and then pinning it, but Taskbar Pinner just makes it extremely easy to pin anything. It is a free, portable app that does not require installation and comes with an easy to use interface.
Taskbar Pinner You have four simple options - pin a file, folder, shell location or Library.
Taskbar Pinner2
It also adds a context menu to folders, drives, and files so you can right click it and choose Pin with Taskbar Pinner.
Pin with TP
It also supports pinning via the command line. To pin any item, use this command:

TaskbarPinner.exe "path\to\desired\item"

Windows 8 users can use the Pin To 8 app which allows pinning to the Taskbar as well as the Start screen.
Pin to 8

3 thoughts on “How to pin folders, drives, files or any shortcut to the Taskbar in Windows 8 and Windows 7

  1. zydrius32

    I pin the folders I use the most to the context menu of File Explorer (right-click its icon on the taskbar).

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Ah, you store them in the jump list of the File Explorer’s icon!

      1. zydrius32

        Yeah, forgot the name of it.


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