Fix Windows 10 November Update 1511 isn’t available for your PC

As you might be knowing, yesterday Microsoft released the long awaited November Update for Windows 10. The operating system identified itself as Windows 10 1511. It is available via Windows Update for everyone. However, some users didn't get this update. It is just not coming to their Windows 10 RTM PC. Here's why.

Windows 10 update logo banner Microsoft published a FAQ for Windows 10 November Update 1511, which explained few possible reasons which can cause the update delivery issue. Check it out below to be sure you are not affected by any of those.

Reason 1: You upgraded to Windows 10 in less than 31 days.

If it’s been less than 31 days since you upgraded to Windows 10, you won’t get the November update right away. They made this intentionally to allow you to go back to your previous version of Windows if you choose. After the 31 days have passed, your PC will automatically download the November update.

Reason 2: The defer upgrades option is enabled.
In Windows 10, there is an option which allows the user to defer upgrades. It can be found in the Settings app -> Update and Recovery -> Advanced options: Windows 10 defer upgrades

If the mentioned setting is turned on, you may not get the update immediately. Disable it and it will resolve the issue.

Reason 3: The uninstalled update.
In case if you received the November update but uninstalled it later, then you will not be able to install it again using Windows Update. It will be hidden for your PC and will not re-appear.

So, if you are affected by reason #1 or reason #3, you have to go to the Microsoft software download website and download the official ISO image file of Windows 10 Version 1511. This is the only possible way to get it installed on your PC right now.

That's it.

17 thoughts on “Fix Windows 10 November Update 1511 isn’t available for your PC

  1. Ryan

    I haven’t recieved the update yet and none of the above apply. Do you know if it just may take time to get to everyone?

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Have you used some “privacy tweak”/do not spy app?

      1. Aehtna

        I didn’t installed anything that would prevent, i receive all the updates except this one. It’s weird.

        1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

          Well, download ISO, open it and run setup.exe from File Explorer.
          It will upgrade your OS to 1511, 100%.

          1. Humble nuggets of the apocalypse

            Will it upgrade or reinstall completely?

          2. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

            It will upgrade.

  2. Mic

    Many suggest that installing through the Media Creation Tool would also do the trick… What is your opinion Sergei?

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Well, it should work for sure. But I have not tried myself.

      1. avog

        Using the Media Creation Tool worked for me!

  3. Ryan

    I didn’t installed anything that would prevent, i receive all the updates except this one.

  4. Ryan

    Sergey Tkachenko
    can you give a link and instructions . I’m a newbie and a little nervous.

  5. Jessica

    I don’t have the defer upgrades option at all in the Advanced options for Windows Updates. Why is that?

    Granted, I think I don’t have the update yet because I got the laptop I’m using now with Windows 10 only a couple of weeks ago, so it’s reason 1 for me. But I still am wondering why my Advanced options window doesn’t look like the pic in Reason 2 (only missing the defer upgrades option).

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Maybe it appeared which som KB update which is not yet installed in your OS.

  6. Thark

    Well …
    On my desktop it runs very well by the first download of the 1511 update(grade?)
    Only my laptop needed to download this big update 3 times …

    On the next big one I will get the iso easily from und update it by the first time on every device.

  7. Victor

    Updates are queued according to users location, time of upgrade to Windows 10, it will arrive eventually.

    1. Ryan

      it seems like this is the clearest thing. I’m just going to be patient and wait. I can do it.
      I’ll let you know when it comes

  8. error_f0rce

    If you have upgraded recently, you can use Disk Cleanup to remove your previous OS installation files. It holds onto these so you can revert later, but this keeps the Windows 10 1511 update from installing.

    Disk Cleanup -> Clean Up System Files -> Previous Windows Installation(s)

    Remove those, check for updates and you should see the update.



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