Firefox Will Warn You If a Website’s Been Hacked

Firefox is integrating the service "Have I Been Pwned", to warn users when they visit a site which has previously suffered a data breach. If such a web site is opened in Mozilla Firefox, the browser will show warning notifications.

Mozilla is working on a new feature for Firefox, dubbed Breach Alerts, which will warn users when they visit a website, regardless of whether it was hacked in the past or not. Every day, there are security breaches on the internet and tons of web sites get hacked or compromised. Yahoo, Patreon, Uber are some examples.

Mozilla has teamed up with the website 'Have I Been Pwned' whose data will be used to notify users about possible data breaches.
Troy Hunt, the creator of the 'Have I Been Pwned' server, has confirmed that they are working together.

Firefox’s new warning system is currently in early stages of development. They are making a special add-on for the browser, which works only with Firefox's Developer Edition as of this writing. It is called 'BreachAlerts'.

You can track the development of the BreachAlerts add-on on GitHub.

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  1. Toshik

    Another way of tracking what sites user has visited?


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