Firefox now has live search suggestions in the address bar

Mozilla Firefox users might be familiar with its live search suggestions. When you type some text into the Firefox search box, the search suggestions feature sends your query to the search engine and returns suggested words to refine or complete your search.
search field text suggestions small This is quite useful. Even if Firefox still has a dedicated search box, many users perform the search directly from the address bar because that's the way it is in all other browsers. With Firefox 41, Mozilla has added live search suggestions for the address bar as well.

search field text suggestions In Firefox 41, which is available in the Nightly channel for now, when you start typing text in the address bar, it shows you suggestions similar to the search box using the default search engine you have set in preferences:

firefox address bar text suggestions This is a welcome improvement for all users. However, to me, it looks like just another behavior borrowed from Google Chrome. I won't be surprised if some day, Mozilla removes the dedicated search box completely.

Anyway, I don't mind this change. Live search suggestions in the location bar improve the usablity of the browser and make it more friendly to the end user.

What do you think about this change? Do you like it or are you unhappy to see Firefox copying other browsers?

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