Firefox 71 is out, here’s everything you need to know

Mozilla is releasing Firefox 71, a new version of the popular web browser. This release is going to be the last major release in 2019. We will see Firefox 72 in 2020. Version 71 is notable for a new UI of about:config, picture-in-picture mode enabled, along with new kiosk mode.

Let's review what is new in Firefox 71.

Firefox 71 About

What's new Firefox 71

New about:config page

Firefox 71 features an updated about:config page. Now it acts like a regular web page, where you can select text freely and copy names and values to the clipboard for several rows at once. It also now uses the common search feature in addition to the search box. A new button on the right allows toggling between values with one click. For changed values there is a new Undo button.

Firefox 71 About Config

New TLS Certificate Info Pane

Firefox 71 includes a new certificate viewer (accessible via Tools > Page Info > Security > View Certificate). It appears in a new tab.

Firefox 71 Cert Viewer

Picture-in-Picture (PIP)

The long awaited PIP feature is fully available in Firefox 71. It allows watching video content independently from the browser's tab. Videos in PIP mode appear in their own flyout window. As of now, the feature is only available on Windows, with Linux and MacOS support coming in the near future.

Firefox 71 PIP

Kiosk mode

The browser now supports a new command line option, --kiosk, which activates Internet Kiosk mode. It open the browser without interface elements in full-screen. It limits the user input, e.g. it doesn't process the Alt and Ctrl keys, preventing the user from leaving kiosk mode.

Other changes

  • MP3 encoding enabled by default on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • The integrated password manager Firefox Lockwise now supports subdomains, and login auto-fill.
  • Firefox Monitor breach alerts are now screen reader compatible.
  • Firefox will notify about blocked cryptominers.
  • Fixed 26 vulnerabilities

Download Firefox 71

To get the browser, visit the following link:

Download Firefox

You will see a number of folders. Click on one of the following folders:

  • win32 - Firefox 32-bit for Windows
  • win64 - Firefox 64-bit for Windows
  • linux-i686 - Firefox for 32-bit Linux
  • linux-x86_64 - Firefox for 64-bit Linux
  • mac - Firefox for macOS

Each folder has subfolders organized by the browser's language. Click on the desired language and download the installer.

That's it.


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  1. tukon

    Picture-in-Picture is also exist in Edge, so it’s seems that’s it feature of youtube.


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