Firefox 50 is out, here is what’s new

Another release of the popular Mozilla Firefox browser is out today. Version 50 features a number changes you may like. Let's see what Mozilla developers prepared for us.

firefox logo banner Key changes in this release are as follows:

  • Faster startup. Developers fixed a bug in the built-in SDK module which affects the browser performance.
  • a refined search UI. It is covered in detail here: Firefox 50 comes with a refined search UI.Firefox 50 new search UI non modal
  • A new shortcut to enable the Reader mode on supported web pages. Now you can use Ctrl + Alt + R to bring it up. Firefox 48 reader view narrate voice
  • The ability to go through opened tabs with Ctrl + Tab. This feature needs to be enabled in Preferences.
  • The browser is able to render Emoji even when the operating system has no support for them. It doesn't require special fonts like Noto Sans to be installed.

Besides these, Firefox 50 comes with a number of improvements to Developer tools and security fixes. You can get the browser here:

Download FIrefox 50

2 thoughts on “Firefox 50 is out, here is what’s new

  1. dfiction

    I thought Hello was dropped. Can we still disable it from about:config though? Along with the Pocket thingy.

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  2. sketch

    I am using Firefox nightly 53.0a1 and shortcut ctrl+alt+R does not seem to work.

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