Download Hero wallpaper and all wallpapers from Windows 10 build 10159

In the released build 10159 of Windows 10, a set of new default wallpapers was spotted by users. It is different from all the wallpapers we saw in previously released builds. It finally includes the long awaited Windows 10 Hero wallpaper too. Interested users can download it right now.

wallpapers from Windows 10 build 10159

Windows 10 is very different from previous Windows versions. After Windows 8, which had no Start menu but had the Start screen, Windows 10 reintroduced a Start Menu but it is not the familiar Windows 7 menu but a new, hybrid Start menu which combines Live tiles with some Windows 7 menu functionality, although many features have been omitted. The taskbar and the Start menu once again got transparency with blur, and the operating system finally supports Virtual Desktops like Linux and Mac OS X. Windows 10 is also the first Windows version which features Cortana, the digital assistant from Windows Phone with voice recognition for searching information from the web using Bing.

You can get all wallpapers including Windows 10 Hero wallpaper from Windows 10 build 10159 here:

Download all default wallpapers from Windows 10 build 10159

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2 thoughts on “Download Hero wallpaper and all wallpapers from Windows 10 build 10159

  1. click-click

    Mega only works if you install the Mega browser plugin if DL is greater than 1GB. Would be nice f there was an alternative download site

    1. Alvin Assistenza

      In Mega is also the key to download the file locally on your computer, it is located under the heading “download through your browser browser” Read …. well .. !!!


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