Cinnamon 3.2 is out

Cinnamon is Linux Mint's flagship desktop environment. Started as a Gnome fork, now it is fully independent. A new version of Cinnamon is out with features that Cinnamon users will definitely like. Let's see the key changes done in this release.

cinnamon-32 The changes in Cinnamon 3.2 are as follows.

  • vertical panel support
  • menus without arrows
    no-arrows no-arrows-2
  • improved screensaver. Now it is much faster, responsive and more more customizable. It now support to show the number of notifications and battery status.
  • a new fade out effect for desktop wallpaper slideshow.
  • the keyboard applet can now show flags based on the short name of the language in keyboard applet. keyboard
  • new keyboard settings.
  • the ability to run software with optirun if Bumblebee is installed.
  • added a menu that allows the user to switch between active players in the sound applet.
  • the Nemo file manager got EXIF rotation support and many fixes and improvements under the hood.
  • the apps menu now supports navigation with the keyboard.
  • a sound can be played for notifications.

Cinnamon 3.2 will be shipped with Linux Mint 18.1. If you do not want to wait for it, you can try it right now using the following PPA:

Cinnamon Stable PPA

Do you like the changes in this release? Have you tried it in action? Tell us in the comments. Source: Segfault.

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