A bug in Windows Defender Makes it Skip Files from Scan

For the past couple of weeks, Windows 10 users have been reporting that Windows Defender scans are skipping files due to a configured exclusion or network scanning setting. A notification about skipped files appears for users who have no exclusion configured.

Microsoft Defender ATP BannerA Windows notification appears after a Quick Scan or Full Scan, telling that some items were skipped due to an exclusion. Here is how it looks:

Windows 10 Defender Bug Skipped Files

Defender Notification. Image credits: Bleeping Computer

However, there are no exclusions configured in Windows Security, as shown in the screenshot below.

Windows 10 Defender Exclusions

Defender Exclusions. Image Credits: Bleeping Computer

The issue is not confirmed by Microsoft yet, so there is no solution available at this moment.

According to research by Bleeping Computer, Defender has started misbehaving on March 10th, 2020, after the corresponding Patch Tuesday.

The issue affects the anti-malware client version 4.18.2003.6, and above.

2 thoughts on “A bug in Windows Defender Makes it Skip Files from Scan

  1. fastoy

    There’s really no evidence that any files are actually skipped.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Yep. But the OS “insists”.


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