How to block drivers auto update in Windows 10

In Windows 10, Windows Update forces not only system updates but also driver updates. Even if you install a third party driver which you downloaded offline, it overrides that and installs the driver from Windows Update. This may not be what you want. Often, the hardware OEM provided driver is better and the Windows Update driver produces an issue. Here is how to prevent Windows 10 from automatically reinstalling the driver it finds on Windows Update.

How to delete a single URL or suggestion entry from Google Chrome’s address bar dropdown

In Google Chrome, when you start typing anything in the address bar, it remembers that. Whether it is a URL/website address or some search term that you typed, Google Chrome will remember it. What is not made clear by Chrome's developers is how to remove these entries without clearing the browsing history. Let's see how it can be done.

Control your Windows system volume and balance from notification area (system tray)

In Windows Vista, Microsoft rewrote their volume tray applet and discarded the one used up to Windows XP. While the new one has its advantages like being able to adjust per-app volume, the old volume control provided easy access to the left speaker and right speaker balance. Winaero coded a simple FREE utility few years ago to restore this to modern versions of Windows like Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows 8.1/8.

Get Windows 10 Snap features in Windows 7 and XP using AquaSnap

In Windows 7, Microsoft added Aero Snap which made rearranging windows easier even though the underlying abilities were present in Windows since Windows 95. In Windows 10, Microsoft introduced more features for snapping windows. But Windows 10 as we know from experience has far too many issues and is nowhere near the quality of Windows 7. So for those who wish to continue using Windows 7, here's a good news. With a free app, you can get some Windows 10 Snap features on Windows 7.

Cool features of the Windows 10 Start Menu

In Windows 10, Microsoft has reinvented their Start Menu again and as everyone knows, it is not the usual Start Menu from Windows 7 but instead one which only somewhat retains the functionality of the original menu while adding some different features. While personally, I prefer the Classic Shell Start Menu which offers the ultimate productivity and usability, there are some interesting improvements made to the Windows 10 menu which I observed. Let's see what they are.

How to use IE pinned sites on Taskbar without disabling addons

Internet Explorer 9 introduced a nifty feature to pin a website by dragging it from the address bar and dropping it onto the Taskbar. It is present in IE10 and IE11 too. While the Quick Launch also allowed creating shortcuts to websites, pinning allowed users to use a large icon for the site shortcut. However, the problem with pinned sites is that all IE addons are disabled when you open a pinned site. If this is a deal-breaker for you, you will be pleased to know that there is a way to pin websites to the Taskbar without disabling addons.

How to copy website addresses (URLs) of all open tabs in Internet Explorer

If you use Internet Explorer, you have many tabs open at one time. There is always a risk of your saved IE browser session getting corrupted or lost. In that case, it's a good idea to copy the website URLs of all your open tabs in IE to a text file so even if your session gets corrupted or lost, you can restore the tabs. Thankfully, IE allows doing this without manually going to each tab and copying its web address.

A list of Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) keyboard shortcuts

Previously we covered the ultimate list of all Windows keyboard shortcuts with Win keys as well as the complete list of the keyboard shortcuts for the Modern Mail app in Windows. Today we would like to explore some of the keyboard shortcuts used over Windows Remote Desktop (RDP).

How to free up space on your disk drive by compressing the Windows hibernation file

Our readers constantly ask us that Windows is taking up a lot of their disk space on the OS volume and that the free space is constantly reducing as they install updates and new apps. Previously, we covered some ways to get free disk space back by cleaning up the Windows Component Store on Windows 8.1/Windows 8 and Windows 7. We also showed how you can automate Disk Cleanup and run it directly in the system files mode. Today we would like to show you how you can free up disk space by enabling compression on your Windows hibernation file.

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