All the possible ways to open the Settings app in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a new app called "Settings". It is a Metro app created to replace the Control Panel for both touch screens and classic Desktop users. It consists of several pages which bring new options to manage Windows 10 along with some older options inherited from the classic Control Panel. Every Windows 10 user will be forced to use the Settings app sooner or later. It is a good idea to learn the possible ways to open the Settings app in Windows 10 quickly to change any setting.

To open the Settings app in Windows 10, we can use any of the following methods.

Open the Settings app using the Start menu in Windows 10
Open the Start menu. There you will find the Settings icon in the bottom left corner:

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Open the Settings app from This PC
In Windows 10, the folder "This PC" has got an Open Settings icon on the Ribbon. In previous versions of Windows, there was a command here to open the Control Panel. In Windows 10, Microsoft has pushed the Settings app everywhere and eventually it might completely replace the classic Control Panel. Open This PC, and you can launch Settings from the Ribbon:

Open the Settings app using hotkeys
To open the Settings app faster, you can just press Win + I shortcut keys together on the keboard. It will open the Settings app directly.
Tip: Learn how to navigate apps by alphabet in Windows 10 Start menu.

Open Settings app via a pinned taskbar icon
Once opened, the Settings app can be pinned to the tasbar.

Right click the icon on the taskbar and select "Pin this program to taskbar" from the jumplist. Alternatively, you can pin Modern settings to the Start menu.

Open various Settings pages directly
Last but not the least, read how to open various Settings pages directly in Windows 10. This can be really time-saving and useful if you need to create a shortcut to the specific page of the Settings app and pin it.

That's it. Please let me know if I forgot any other method. Leave a comment which method your prefer to open the Settings app in Windows 10.

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Author: Sergey Tkachenko

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8 thoughts on “All the possible ways to open the Settings app in Windows 10”

  1. There is another way to open the Settings app, as well as other Windows apps having protocol(s) to open. It is using those protocols to call the app right on a browser address bar. For example, to open Settings, while on a browser, you just need to type on address bar “ms-settings://” (without quotes). Try it!

  2. I am from Bhutan & there is no Time Zone for Bhutan in Windows. Would you kind enough to write a script for to add the Bhutan Stand Time in Windows 7 & Windows 10. I tried to find the solution in the Internet but in vain. By luck I am here & I am sure you will fulfill my desire. Thanking you sir. I tried Time Zone Editor but it works in Windows XP only. Please mention where I have to keep the script file.

  3. This Stephfon Shavers, and I’m having issues removing Windows Poweshell. It’s causing my laptop to slow down. I’m emailing you to remove it.

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