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As you might be knowing, the Windows Experience Index (WEI) was removed from Windows 8.1. Microsoft left the WEI engine in the OS, but the UI was deleted from This PC/Computer properties. Recently, our good friends at IntoWindows reviewed the ChrisPC WEI tool. I looked at this tool but was disappointed that it didn't show the actual tests and assessments being done accurately. So I decided to code a better alternative myself with a nice looking, familiar UI. With WPF, it was a quite simple task.
So, here is my new freeware portable app, Winaero WEI Tool:

Latest version is, see the change log below.
It brings back the genuine Windows Experience Index and features the following abilities:
  • Calculation and re-calculation of assessments and scores.
  • The exact genuine Windows Experience Index look and feel.
  • The real, actual tests and assessments progress and status.
  • The ability to save a screenshot of your Windows Experience Index as a PNG file.
  • The ability to take a screenshot of your Windows Experience Index and upload it to ImgUr with one click!
  • The ability to save your WEI table to an HTML file!
  • Bonus: The background of your WEI score follows the window frame color for a cool appearance.

Winaero WEI Tool showcase

Winaero WEI Tool works in Windows 8.1 x86 and x64, it is free and portable.
Change log
The score value uses regional settings for the proper decimal symbol.
Initial release

Download: Winaero WEI Tool

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99warning99 | 13 Dec 13

very nice programs

Mike | 13 Dec 13

Sergey, from all users Windows 8.1 you express gratitude for your hard work!
In particular, for utility Winaero WEI Tool.
Grateful user.!

Dave Johnson | 13 Dec 13

This is great! Keep up the good work!

Ephraim B | 15 Dec 13

If you can only get windows index experience showing up in PC info.

Sergey | 16 Dec 13
Comments: 491

Not possible

Pepper | 17 Dec 13

You need to check the system locale for the proper decimal point. In some countries such as US where I am, it should be a dot instead of comma. For example: 5.9 instead of 5,9

Dave Johnson | 22 Dec 13

Just as in the regular windows tool, this does not work for OSs installed on to VHDs.

Dave Johnson | 22 Dec 13

In reply to Pepper, I am sure that we Americans are worldly enough to know that most European countries have a different notation then ours. We understand this, and can adapt.

Jack | 23 Dec 13

my is has stopped woking about 20 times! why is that?

Phil | 25 Dec 13

Works great! Thank you!

Jose_49 | 26 Dec 13


The numbers, the numbers, the numbers!

wbc | 27 Dec 13


WEI quit working with Windows7.
Can this be used with Windows7?


Sergey | 27 Dec 13
Comments: 491

You can use it, but Win7 has built-in WEI tool in the system properties.

zipper | 09 Jan 14

Doesn't work properly on my Nvidia Optimus laptop. Runs only on HD4000 even when I tried force it to run on the GTX 680M. Getting 4.x figures instead of 7.x - 8.x expected. 3D performance worse than desktop...

Sergey | 09 Jan 14
Comments: 491

It is not WEI tool issue.
It is you OS issue.
The tool is just GUI for the information reported by your OS.

Anonymous | 09 Jan 14

Please change the , to a . It should show x.x not x,x for the results.

RonKirz | 01 Feb 14

Should read: "The Windows Experience Index assesses key system components on a scale of 1.0 to 7.9" -- not 9.9. Thanks for this portable tool for assessing Windows 8 machines!

Joe | 06 Feb 14

It doesn't work on my bay trail tablet.

CEduAlmeida | 09 Mar 14

Hey, why it can't provide info to performance of DirectX10 or DirectX11?

diamond | 14 Mar 14

thanks guys

Legitkrillin | 31 Mar 14

Your software is outstanding. Thanks a million for all your hard work!

Guest | 22 Apr 14

It doesn't work on my bay trail tablet Lenovo Thinkpad 8 ,
Intel Z3770(Bay Trail), W8.1

Anonymous | 26 Apr 14

Check if adapter is plugged if u run it on laptop/netbook because it can't be run on battery. To the autor: it'll be good if u put a message for this kind of situation. BTW, good and simple app/gui, thanks.

charles | 16 May 14

hi is it possible to rate the graphic card and not only the Intel HD Graphic ?

Anonymous | 28 May 14

Awesome thank you!

FYI in addition to the typo pointed out about that 9.9 should be 7.9, also another typo is "Desktop Graphics" in the "Component" column should be "Gaming Graphics"

Anonymous | 29 May 14

Thanks, The Scores Go Up To At Least 8.9, My R290 Got 8.9 In Both Graphics Categories. I Know In Windows 7 The Scores Only Go Up To 7.9

Anonymous | 29 May 14


Jonas in Sweden | 21 Jul 14

Many Thx for creating this useful simple tool. Very strange that Microsoft took it away...
Anyway I'm happy to be the one who downloaded this tool as no #50.000 on this website... ;-)

Smithk671 | 23 Jul 14

I'm not sure exactly why but this weblog is loading very slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem on my end? I'll check back later and see if the problem still exists. kgeeeebcedkaefea

Is WinAero using a scale of 1~10 ? | 25 Sep 14

Or ... ?

thanks, Bill

Anonymous | 21 Oct 14

don't work with windows 10 preview

Jay | 03 Dec 14

On my Laptop with Win 8.1 I got 8,15 as value for "Disk data Transfer rate"
2 Digits behind the "," looks strange

Anamnesis | 09 Dec 14

I have 8 gb RAM and my experience of memory and processor is rocessor 6.7 and the memory 6.7 why?

Inter core 2 duo E7400 2.80GHZ help me guys i no understand why 6.7 the memory ram :/

Mothermapper | 27 Dec 14

Doesn't run on my new HP Stream 11 laptop. The in progress screen flashes and returns to start screen with no values. I tried running the program as an administrator but it still fails to scan the computer. Any ideas?

nikolai | 19 Jan 15

Same here. I was able to run it before. Now it just flashes for a second and then goes back to my previous test from March 2014.

nikolai | 19 Jan 15

Then I run from command line to see the message cannot run while running on batteries. So if it is not working try to plugin.

AMD LAPPY | 15 Feb 15

Does not work for AMD APU that have dual Graphics .Just doesn't complete

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