Sign In Screen Color Changer

Some days ago our good friends from IntoWindows covered how to change the logon screen background color. That is simple tweak, but I do not like color scheme number calculation and direct registry editing, so I decide to create a simple tool which allows you:
  • to change color of sign in screen in Windows 8
  • to set the same color for sign in screen and Start screen with one click
  • to get ready-to-use registry tweak with your settings

Last version is 1.1, fixed high DPI issue
And here how it works:

Sign In Color Changer is portable application and does not require to be installed. Sure, it is freeware.

Download: Sign In Screen Color Changer

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Tamha | 09 Sep 13

Any chance you can add a quick removal button for the edit? Advanced users will likely know how to safely remove registry edits on their own, but having a removal button built in would be nice for anyone who wants to revert their settings.

Guest | 11 Sep 13

Has this been confirmed to work w/ 8.1 RTM? I ask because I've downloaded and run the utility... and it does seem to make the change in regedit... but the color doesn't change. Just curious. Thanks!

Guest | 18 Sep 13

Same here with 8.1, doesn't seem to work.

Anonymous | 22 Sep 13

Yeah, I'm wondering too if this program is going to be available for Windows 8.1 users.

Anonymous | 06 Dec 13


Serge | 28 Jan 14

Does not work with win pro 8.1 x64
Ne fonctionne pas avec win 8.1 pro x64

Sergey | 29 Jan 14
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You will be surprised, but it was not designed for Windows 8.1.
In Windows 8.1, use Start Screen Color Tuner for Windows 8.1
Lock Screen Customizer

JaXkO | 24 Feb 15

Yeah Man I agree with Serge ... This tool doesn't work with Windows 8.1 Pro!

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