AeroRainbow is the software what changes color of Aero windows in random order or by predefinied list of colors. It was designed for Windows 7 and adds more fun to your desktop. Since version 2.7 you can use AeroRainbow with Windows 8.

AeroRainbow 2.9 is available. Please upgrade your app.

Change log:
  • v2.9:
    • Fixed a bug: AeroRainbow doesn't set the wallpaper color on start.
    • Fixed a bug: AeroRainbow doesn't set the wallpaper color after you open the configuration window.
    • Improved color intensity again. Now looks much better in Windows 7 and Windows 8.x.

  • v2.8:
    • Fixed a bug: AeroRainbow blocked the alpha channel of a color. This caused issues with BigMuscle's Aero implementation.
    • Added ability to set the color intensity via settings.
    • Fixed few minor bugs.

  • v2.7:
    • Fixed a bug: AeroRainbow locks your wallpaper and you were unable to change it.
    • "Native" version for Windows 8
    • Installer was removed - now it is true portable software.
    • Rebranding. Now AeroRainbow is the official part of Winaero.
    • New version notifications aka "check for update".

  • v2.6:
    • bug fixed in the color calculation in the "window as color source" mode.
    • bug fixed: possible freeze when switched from the "random color" mode to "wallpaper as color source".
    • now it is possible to use the active window icon as a color source for Aero.
    • two methods of the color calculation now are available: Dominant color and Average color.

  • v2.5: the ability to use your wallpaper or an active window's color as the color for Aero.
  • v2.0: the tray icon option was added as well as colors list additionally to random colors. Notification window is also available.

When the tray icon is disabled, then AeroRainbow will be invisible, e.g. no UI will be showing during its work. In that case user can access settings using "AeroRainbow Settings" shortcut. If tray icon is visible, it has the handy context menu.

Left click on the tray icon to show the current and the next colors.

The "Next" color is clickable and will be changed according to rules of the color change (see description below).

There are several options are available in the configuration window.

These options are as follows:
  • Rules for colors.
    Always random color tells AeroRainbow to generate and use the random color for Aero Glass.

    Use the colors list option allows you to add your favorite colors to the list. AeroRainbow will use them for Aero Glass.

    Speed - adjusts the speed of color change in "Always random color" and "Use the colors list" modes. Left value means the fastest mode.

    Use wallpaper as color source mode tells AeroRainbow to use wallpaper as color source for Aero Glass. Windows will be colored close to the color of wallpaper.

    Use active window as color source - windows will be colored close to the color of current active window.

    Use only icon color checkbox allows to use active window icon as color source for Aero instead of window itself.

    Color calculation mode options allow to define which color of wallpaper, active window or active window icon have to be used as Aero color. It can be main color of color source (Dominate color option) or average color.

  • Use tray icon - self explained.

  • Check for updates - self explained.

Thats all. Note what AeroRainbow is portable application. Installer is used only to create shortcuts.No installer required.

Something you have to know about AeroRainbow

  • Installation
    You have to place AeroRainbow to writable location. It will create and use AeroRainbow.ini file to store your preferences.
    No registry or other files will be used. Since version 2.7 I decide to remove the installer in the name of portability.

  • Builds
    Since 2.7 you get two compiled binaries. First one acts as Windows 7 "native" application (no additions required, e.g. .NET Framework).
    Second one acts as Windows 8 "native" software, for same reason. They have same codebase, just compiled with different versions of .NET.

  • Command line and tricks
    There are two command line switches available:
    aerorainbow /close - closes currently running instance of Aerorainbow. Useful when you have disabled the tray icon in preferences.
    aerorainbow /config - opens settings window. Also useful without tray icon.

    Additionaly you can force Aerorainbow to use Russian language for UI.
    Add the following lines to your AeroRainbow.ini file:


    If your prefer to use English, then add

  • AeroRainbow and Windows 8
    Although Windows 8 has built-in feature to autocolorize the Aero windows, with AeroRainbow you can get even more! You can control colors change in advanced ways and use the color of active window as Aero color source, use main/average color or define your own color list. So, AeroRainbow is more poweful tool than built-in Windows 8 feature.

Download AeroRainbow

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Anonymous | 23 Jul 11

gostei e muito bonito ve a cor do arcoiris no seu compputador

Sergey | 23 Jul 11
Comments: 501

Glad to know it

Jack | 23 Jul 11

Thank you bro!

April | 28 Jul 11

Awesome! :D My main pc looks so cool and colourful now! :D Hehe, been telling my friends all about this site and I've got it saved in my favourites.

Looking forward for more cool stuff from you
Thankkkkkk you :D :D :D

Sergey | 28 Jul 11
Comments: 501

You are welcome.
I will improve it soon.

chris | 27 Aug 11

I can only seem to download v1. Is there a link I'm missing to d/l v2.5 ?

Sergey | 28 Aug 11
Comments: 501

On this page you can always download latest version

theshaggyman | 03 Sep 11

thank you very much indeed

works superbly with wallpaper color and wallpaper cycling

webtester | 03 Sep 11

yes, it work like a charm

Anonymous | 20 Oct 11

没有看到下载的地方。I din't find how to download it?

Sergey | 21 Oct 11
Comments: 501

Click here:
Then click Download image.

unknown | 14 Jan 12


Anonymous | 26 Jan 12


Anonymous | 31 Jan 12

it works so gooooood, i really like thissssss......


haha | 20 Feb 12

doest this thing work on windos 7 system which do not support themes

Sergey | 22 Feb 12
Comments: 501

Yes it works

Is there a bug? | 30 Apr 12

I have a lot of backgrounds in rotation, and sometimes for no apparent reason, sets the current background as only one background, and since I use the background to determine the color, the color also stops changing.

It takes me some time before I realize it. So I go to personalize, and I see Current Theme (unsaved) with just one background, and next I have my own theme. When I click that, everything is fine. This reoccurs every now and then. Sometimes after 2 days, sometimes it takes over a week before it goes stuck again.

All backgrounds are stored locally, and I have no problem if I disable AeroRainbow.

Running Win7 x64 ultimate, on a really fancy system (SSD, 12 gb ram and more)

Re: Is there a bug? | 30 Apr 12

forgot to add: Using version

Sergey | 01 May 12
Comments: 501

It seems to be a bug. Thanks for reporting, i'll fix it

Sergey | 04 May 12
Comments: 501


Anonymous | 18 Jun 12

Can you make it change the color of the window as well? Just like win8

Sergey | 19 Jun 12
Comments: 501

But it is already inplemented.
AeroRainbow changes color whole aero.

GraveDigger | 06 Jul 12

Have tried version 2.7 on my desktop and laptop systems running Windows 7 64-bit - the previous version (2.6) appears to work much better as I've found that the program fails to start consistently after the initial install. I've uninstalled the program from my system, deleted the configuration information and still have the same issues.

Sergey | 06 Jul 12
Comments: 501

Looks like you tried 2.7 version from Windows 8 folder.
Use another exe file.

haziq | 14 Jul 12

is this software run in start up? i have run this software in startup but everytime iam open my computer my aero color is change not like color b4 iam off the computer. really like this software but if it can run in start up it will really great..

Sergey | 14 Jul 12
Comments: 501

You can place shortcut file to AeroRainbow in "startup" folder in Windows start menu.
Fastest way to create the shortcut:
1. Press Win+R on keyboard.
2. Type shell:Startup in Run dialog box.
3. You will see Explorer's window opened with startup folder.
4. Open folders contained aerorainbow.exe file.
5. Press and hold ALT button on keyboard and drag aerorainbow.exe to startup folder.
You will get shortcut file in startup folder and you will get AeroRainbow runned every time you start your PC.

haziq | 15 Jul 12

i have doing it, and the result is still the same, what i wanna tell u is..i use the aerorainbow and my theme is green according to my wallpaper and after i restart my computer,my theme color is back to normal and not green,the aerorainbow is run on startup but it not save the theme color after i restat my computer,iam runnig windows 7.i hope u get what i meant..thanks

Max | 25 Jul 12

Happy Bulldozer, I did make a tut for your program, and I'm going to post it on youtube. If you want it here then please contact me: Admin [at] Maxsterful [dot] info

kedie92 | 09 Aug 12

Is it possible to use this tool in Windows Vista, too?

Sergey | 09 Aug 12
Comments: 501

No, because Vista has different API

elrond_bs | 28 Sep 12

My problem is the same as haziq. The program doesn't set the color on startup, but only after wallpaper change. Which is even bigger problem with only 1 wallpaper.

I have v2.7 with "Use wallpaper as source" and "Average color" in Settings, I load the program at Windows 7 startup. The first wallpaper after boot is not affected and the color is the old one, set before using AeroRainbow.

Besides that, it is a great app, very useful. Thanks.

Amir4317 | 04 Nov 12

How can I translate AeroRainbow to Persian!quest

Sergey | 04 Nov 12
Comments: 501

I will add open translation resources to all of my software soon. Stay tuned

Manuel | 06 Nov 12

nice app

Sergey | 06 Nov 12
Comments: 501


Realcool | 01 Jan 13

It works and runs very smoothly, I have only one but. If I select the option "use wallpaper as color source", only changes the windows color if I change the wallpaper, and also it should do the change when starts.
Thanks for sharing. Happy new year.

Sergey | 01 Jan 13
Comments: 501

ah, you are right.
I will update the app

chlsk | 11 Jan 13

Great program! Thank you!

chlsk | 11 Jan 13

I found just a little "bug". When I set the program to "use wallpaper as color source - Dominate color" when the wallpaper color is grey (black and white) the color of borders, start menu and other things is not grey, sometimes is blue, green... That is nothing but just to know it for future update (sorry for my bad English) And thank you again for the this nice site!

1 | 11 Jan 13

Also when the color of wallpaper is yellow the aero color doesn't change to yellow

Sergey | 11 Jan 13
Comments: 501

where I can get your wallpaper?

Anonymous | 11 Jan 13

Thats happend with every yellow wallpaper that I try. The AeroRainbow is set to Dominate color

Anonymous | 11 Jan 13

I dont know why but it cant be post a link to some of wallpaper that i tried. When i try its show this Your comment cannot be posted

Anonymous | 08 Feb 13

Yes, unfortunately when the app is set to "use wallpaper as color source - Dominate color" it's can display these aero colors - blue, green, red/brown, black. Can't display pink, white, violet, yellow, orange... You can check with solid color wallpapers made with Paint

Motanbigcat | 19 Feb 13

Cool app for Win 8, thank you..

ds84182 | 10 Mar 13

I found a small bug. When using "Use active window as Color Source", the colors only update when you first focus the window, so Tabbed browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox do not update their window colors unless you unfocus and refocus.

Anonymous | 17 Mar 13

can it rainbow the non-aero themes as well?

Stan | 27 Apr 13

i removed the tick and no i want to go on to settings to show the icon on the tray ho can i get it back on

Moss72 | 25 May 13

Sweet Programs you create !!! You are truly a Genius My Friend....

tanish | 30 Sep 13

how to run it on startup

Sergey | 01 Oct 13
Comments: 501

Place shortuct on aerorainbow into your startup folder
To open it quickly, press win+r on the keyboard, type

and press enter
the startup folder will appear.
place shortcut here.

Ryder | 13 Jan 14

Could this app be updated to be more compatible for Windows 8.1 with Aero Glass by BigMuscle? It changes the color fine but it uses the 255 value for each color making it completely opaque and not allowing any blur.

I'd love to use this but keep the blur.

CreiX | 19 Jan 14

Since today, it won´t start propper:

Ash | 19 Jan 14

After using the program successfully for a while all of a sudden an information message comes up but it's all code and I can't get rid of it. It still works but I just have a huge list of coding that I can get rid of. One last thing it would be nice for this program to run on startup, I have it in my startup folder but an empty notepad document always appears as well. but, overall love the program

Sergey | 19 Jan 14
Comments: 501

Fixed, Fixed

Ash | 20 Jan 14

Everything is all good! Probably should of restarted my computer before writing that.

chris | 20 Mar 14

is it possible to use this with winareo color sync, i tried to but it just makes my charms bar "info" unreadable to windows and gives me an error code

UnclWish | 21 Jul 14

How about question by Ryder:
"Could this app be updated to be more compatible for Windows 8.1 with Aero Glass by BigMuscle? It changes the color fine but it uses the 255 value for each color making it completely opaque and not allowing any blur.

I'd love to use this but keep the blur."

+1 to this. Want to use it but only incompatiblement with blur of Aero Glass by BigMuscule stop's me.

Shula (Shulamitefire) | 07 Aug 14

Does the colors list run in addition to the random list at the same time or do they run one function at a time? Thanks for a very enjoyable and inspirational soft. Burning blessings of Jesus' Beauty in your being and intimate blessings of affection from His holy heart.

Shula | 07 Aug 14

I'm sorry, bro. I now have the answer to my question. It really was/is self explanatory. They are two separate functions! Thanks, again! You can keep the blessings. In fact, here are more heaped on you, in Jesus name, above all names. :-) !

UnclWish | 21 Aug 14

Project is dead? Author is not post anything from Jan 2014 (((

Sergey | 21 Aug 14
Comments: 501

No, I am here.

UnclWish | 22 Aug 14

What about this:
"Could this app be updated to be more compatible for Windows 8.1 with Aero Glass by BigMuscle? It changes the color fine but it uses the 255 value for each color making it completely opaque and not allowing any blur.

I'd love to use this but keep the blur."

Please fix this problem... I want to use Aero Rainbow very much! I need it.

Sergey | 23 Aug 14
Comments: 501

Okay, I will add the color intensity option. Today.
Approx. in 5 hours (busy atm)

Sergey | 23 Aug 14
Comments: 501


silekonn | 24 Aug 14

Now with 2.8, every time the background rotates, the aero (taskbar/window bar) color flickers wildly for a few seconds. Can someone look in to this. Will Youtube a video if needed.

Sergey | 24 Aug 14
Comments: 501

Can you make a video please.
Thank you in advance.

UnclWish | 25 Aug 14

Thanks a lot for update! I'm at work for now. Testing on Windows 7... All working fine, but i can't enable russian language... Try to add [locale] section - english, try to add folder "RU" from 2.7 version - english... It's not a big problem for me, but maybe onli i have this problem?
Additional thanks for color intansity!!! At home will test in Windows 8.1 with AG by BM.

UnclWish | 25 Aug 14

Make test on Windows 8.1 and my observations:
1. Color intensity is not the same with intensity from personalization panel. "Darker" max position is about 30-40% of maximum intensity of personalization panel.
Calculation modes works less effective than in Windows 7:
2. Calculated colors in "Avarage" mode have too small saturation and often low brightness.
3. Colors in "Dominant" mode have always maximum saturation and sometimes (rare) low brightness.

I don't like "Dominant" mode - in Windows 7 "Average" mode works perfectly. In W8.1 with AG 1.2.5 by BM "Average" mode often generates grey color from different wallpapers.
And at home on W8.1 can't eneble russain ui.

Thank for your work! Waiting updates and fixes!

P.S. Sorry for my english

UnclWish | 25 Aug 14

Sorry for many posts, but i want help to improve your program...

I switch to build-in auto-color Windows 8.1 because it provide best color from my wallpapers. Why i need your program? Color that Windows gives me is too saturated... When auto-color is on in personalization panel, color intensity slider disables (((. I need change color intensity with auto-color enabled. Your program provide me all i need, but resulting colors from calculation methods are not acceptible for me ))).

Can you add 3rd method - standard Windows 8/8.1 auto-colorization?

Sergey | 25 Aug 14
Comments: 501

First I have to understand how does it work (I mean the default auto-colorization feature)
Russian UI seems to be broken in v 2.8. The next release I will compile with the "modern" Winaero controls library which supports very useful way of localization with simple ini-file like files.

UnclWish | 28 Aug 14

Any progress with color calculation methods? And don't forget to increase maximum intensity limit.
Another one test on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 - i was right in W7 colorization methods works perfectly. In W8.1 - works not good.

Anonymous | 29 Aug 14

Can you add in the context menu, click "stop" to leave found by the program current color? And then the program does not change color until I press "start".

era123 | 02 Sep 14

Where i can get volume like in your screenshot?

Sergey | 02 Sep 14
Comments: 501

it is SimpleSndVol:

era123 | 05 Sep 14


David | 12 Sep 14

Hi, Can this app be used on Windows 7 starter, Thank You.......

DS | 24 Sep 14

Hi. Can you set it so that it immediately changes Aero colour at launch instead of waiting for a wallpaper change to occur?

elrond | 21 Oct 14

Yes, could you please fix the startup issue - AeroRainbow doesn't set the color on boot (or log-off, etc) and that's essential for a fully working solution. Also the new color calculation in version 2.8 favors saturation too much and IMHO this doesn't look good on Windows 7 (intensity doesn't help as it changes everything else). In version 2.7 colors were a little too unsaturated, but still preferable then 2.8 on Win7.

Otherwise your program is definitely the best auto colorization solution for Win7! Thank you.
I've tried 4 other programs but they had some bugs or produced unsatisfactory results.

UnclWish | 12 Nov 14

Sergey, no time to work on program? How about autocolorization fix for Windows 8+?

Ryder | 11 Dec 14

Thanks for the update Sergey. Working great now with 8.1 with Big Muscle's Aero Glass. Able to get the different colors based on icon color and still keeping the blur. Great job!

UnclWish | 13 Feb 15

Can we hope for any future updates?

Bawiedrich | 17 Feb 15

This is an amazing program, is there somewhere I can subscribe or follow you so I can receive update information?

Sergey | 27 Feb 15
Comments: 501

Updated the app.
Thank you guys for reports and suggestions.
Next milestone: start/stop for rainbow

UncWish | 27 Feb 15

Thanx! Now will test new version!

UnclWish | 28 Feb 15

2.9 on Windows 7 works perfect.
On windows 8.1 - intansity fixed now.
Only 1 problem exists - On windows 8.1 (using BM AG) "Average" mode often generates grey color from different wallpapers.
MS algorithm of autocolorization gives more effective colours then AeroRainbow.
Can you fix that or add an option for MS method?

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