AeroRainbow is the software that changes color of Aero windows in random order or by predefinied list of colors. It was designed for Windows 7 and adds more fun to your desktop. Since version 2.7 you can use AeroRainbow with Windows 8.

AeroRainbow 2.9 is available. Please upgrade your app.Change log:

  • v2.9:
    • Fixed a bug: AeroRainbow doesn't set the wallpaper color on start.
    • Fixed a bug: AeroRainbow doesn't set the wallpaper color after you open the configuration window.
    • Improved color intensity again. Now looks much better in Windows 7 and Windows 8.x.

  • v2.8:
    • Fixed a bug: AeroRainbow blocked the alpha channel of a color. This caused issues with BigMuscle's Aero implementation.
    • Added ability to set the color intensity via settings.
    • Fixed few minor bugs.

  • v2.7:
    • Fixed a bug: AeroRainbow locks your wallpaper and you were unable to change it.
    • "Native" version for Windows 8
    • Installer was removed - now it is true portable software.
    • Rebranding. Now AeroRainbow is the official part of Winaero.
    • New version notifications aka "check for update".

  • v2.6:
    • bug fixed in the color calculation in the "window as color source" mode.
    • bug fixed: possible freeze when switched from the "random color" mode to "wallpaper as color source".
    • now it is possible to use the active window icon as a color source for Aero.
    • two methods of the color calculation now are available: Dominant color and Average color.

  • v2.5: the ability to use your wallpaper or an active window's color as the color for Aero.
  • v2.0: the tray icon option was added as well as colors list additionally to random colors. Notification window is also available.

When the tray icon is disabled, then AeroRainbow will be invisible, e.g. no UI will be showing during its work. In that case user can access settings using "AeroRainbow Settings" shortcut. If tray icon is visible, it has the handy context menu.

Left click on the tray icon to show the current and the next colors.

The "Next" color is clickable and will be changed according to rules of the color change (see description below).

There are several options are available in the configuration window.

These options are as follows:

  • Rules for colors.
    Always random color tells AeroRainbow to generate and use the random color for Aero Glass.

    Use the colors list option allows you to add your favorite colors to the list. AeroRainbow will use them for Aero Glass.

    Speed - adjusts the speed of color change in "Always random color" and "Use the colors list" modes. Left value means the fastest mode.

    Use wallpaper as color source mode tells AeroRainbow to use wallpaper as color source for Aero Glass. Windows will be colored close to the color of wallpaper.

    Use active window as color source - windows will be colored close to the color of current active window.

    Use only icon color checkbox allows to use active window icon as color source for Aero instead of window itself.

    Color calculation mode options allow to define which color of wallpaper, active window or active window icon have to be used as Aero color. It can be main color of color source (Dominate color option) or average color.

  • Use tray icon - self explained.

  • Check for updates - self explained.

Thats all. Note what AeroRainbow is portable application. Installer is used only to create shortcuts.No installer required.

Something you have to know about AeroRainbow

You have to place AeroRainbow to writable location. It will create and use AeroRainbow.ini file to store your preferences.
No registry or other files will be used. Since version 2.7 I decide to remove the installer in the name of portability.

Since 2.7 you get two compiled binaries. First one acts as Windows 7 "native" application (no additions required, e.g. .NET Framework).
Second one acts as Windows 8 "native" software, for same reason. They have same codebase, just compiled with different versions of .NET.

Command line and tricks
There are two command line switches available:
aerorainbow /close - closes currently running instance of Aerorainbow. Useful when you have disabled the tray icon in preferences.
aerorainbow /config - opens settings window. Also useful without tray icon.

Additionally, you can force Aerorainbow to use Russian language for UI.
Add the following lines to your AeroRainbow.ini file:

If your prefer to use English, then add

AeroRainbow and Windows 8
Although Windows 8 has built-in feature to autocolorize the Aero windows, with AeroRainbow you can get even more! You can control colors change in advanced ways and use the color of active window as Aero color source, use main/average color or define your own color list. So, AeroRainbow is more poweful tool than built-in Windows 8 feature.

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  1. UnclWish
    11 Apr 15

    Any progress?

  2. UnclWish
    16 Apr 15

    What about russian UI? Setting in ini file [locale] Russian=1 doen't work.

  3. meow
    12 Aug 15

    Any update on Windows 10 for this magnificient piece of software ?

  4. Dreed
    12 Aug 15

    Support for Windows 10?

  5. UnclWish
    06 Oct 15

    Sergey, are you read this sometimes? Can we wait at least adapting for Windows 10?

  6. Al
    14 Oct 15

    am i wrong to assume that on windows 10 this aerorainbow can make windows default wallpaper color algorithm to select more intense colors even after aerorainbow is closed? - am i delusional?

  7. meow
    29 Oct 15

    Well, I would love to know how you made it work on Windows 10 first of all..

  8. ZekkMC
    01 Nov 15

    This program is amazing!

  9. Ryder
    03 Jan 16

    Windows 10 sure would be nice to have...the program runs but it only changes the very outside line border of Windows, not the actual titlebar colors.

  10. BluePedro
    07 Jan 16

    What is the "Dominant Color" option looking for? It feels like it's looking for the one color that is the greatest outlier compared to the other colors on the hue spectrum because when this wallpaper comes up, it turns my aero green, not red. I know where the green is coming from, but what is the math and why?

    Wallpaper: Pixiv illustration ID = 39297751
    -Find a picture on Pixiv and replace the number at the end of the URL with what's provided.

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