Microsoft explains updates over metered connections

A few days ago, it came to our knowledge that Microsoft was going to download some updates even if your connection was set as metered. This change seems to be very unpleasant for many users. Today, Microsoft made an official statement which explains their new update policy.

As you may already know, a new text block on the Windows Update page in Settings of recent builds claims that *some* updates will be downloaded over a metered connection.

Windows 10 Install Updates Over Metered Connection

This will definitely increase the end user's internet usage/data bill on a limited data plan.

Microsoft claims the following:

We don't plan to send large updates over metered connections, but could use this for critical fixes if needed in the future.

This statement doesn't change the situation much. It is not possible to know which updates will be classified as critical and for what reason. Also there is no specific information on how big they will be, because terms like large or small are subjective.

The operating system can't predict the cost of the download as it might be different on every user's PC. This is a really serious issue for some users. The update policy of Windows 10 is still restrictive and abusive. Despite some recent changes, many aspects of Windows 10's behavior are still out of user control (via MSPoweruser).

What do you think about how Microsoft has decided to handle updates in Windows 10?

2 thoughts on “Microsoft explains updates over metered connections

  1. dfiction

    Security this, security that.

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    1. Toshik

      It will result in many and many of users to disable update service complete while on vacation or a trip and using metered connection.

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