Microsoft Edge will get session manager and tabs browser in Windows 10 Creators Update

During the October 2016 Microsoft event, the company showed some improvements that are coming in Windows 10 Creators Update all over the OS. However, most of them were shown so briefly that many people didn't even notice it. After the event, Microsoft published a recap video in which we were able to find a few interesting things. There were some interesting additions to Microsoft Edge.

During the said video, Microsoft showed two new changes that can improve the user experience in a big way. One of them was an opened tab browser, which allows you to see through all the tab previews to find the one you're looking for. Something like this was implemented in classic Opera versions before its developers decided to reset the project. It also reminds me of Metro Internet Explorer tab previews in Windows 8/8.1.

Another interesting feature is what appears to be a session manager. Microsoft is calling it simply "Tabs I've set aside" right now, but of course that can change in the future. It's unclear if Edge automatically saves all of your previous sessions for you by default or if you'll need to save them manually but the feature itself is great to have for advanced users.

There's no doubt that Microsoft Edge will receive even more tweaks and features in the Creators Update. Support for new Web standards will improve, but so far these screenshots is as much as we know of what's coming for Microsoft's new browser in the near future. Given that the latest Anniversary Update finally added support for extensions, Microsoft Edge has the potential to finally become more competitive and unique compared to other browsers on the market.

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Author: Roman Linev

Long time news writer, Microsoft ecosystem fan, Android user. Loves Japanese culture, photography and his cats. You can also follow Roman on Twitter.

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