Get a faster Event Viewer in Windows 10

In Windows 10, it is possible to activate and use the classic Event Viewer which should be familiar to all Windows XP users. It is extremely fast and has a simplified UI compared with the default one shipped with Windows 10! If you want to have it in addition to the default one, here is how to get it working.
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How to enable fast XP-like Event Viewer in Windows 8

NT6, whose era started with Windows Vista, has introduced a new Event Viewer with blackjack and hookers filters and categories. Although they are quite useful and allow you to locate any system event/error easily, the Event Viewer is VERY slow. Those of us who have used Windows XP/2000 still remember how fast and compact the Event Viewer was in Windows XP. It can still be useful if you only quickly want to see the last few events which happened on your system. Windows Vista, 7 and Windows 8 still contain the old Event Viewer application, but it is just not enabled by default. Today I am going to share with you how to enable it.

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