How to Enable Tab Groups Save and Restore in Google Chrome

Starting in Chrome 119, you can now save and restore groups of tabs. This feature is hidden in the browser, as Google plans a gradual roll-out. But you can enable it right away.

Google Chrome 119 comes with the ability to preserve group tabs. Now the user can save the group and close the tabs it contains. So they will no longer use computer's resources.

Enable Saving Group of Tabs in Chrome

Later, tabs from the saved group can be restored on demand. The saved tabs also sync between all devices, similar to existing tab synchronization.

Saving a group of tabs in Chrome can be very useful. It allows you to quickly return to a set of frequently used or related websites without having to individually open each tab every time. This can save time and make your web browsing more efficient. Additionally, it can help you organize and categorize sets of web pages for specific tasks or projects without keeping a ton of tabs open.

The ability to save a group of tabs is in the works since 2022, but it is only now it has got the final shape. Here's how to enable it in Chrome 119 and above.

Enable Tab Group Save and Restore in Google Chrome

  1. In Google Chrome, open a new tab and type chrome://flags.
  2. In the search box, type "tab groups save and sync" to find the appropriate flag.
  3. Now, select "Enabled" from the drop-down menu to the right of the Tab Groups Save and Sync flag (chrome://flags/#tab-groups-save).
  4. Restart the Chrome browser when prompted.
  5. Now, create a new group of tabs. You will notice a new switch option, Save group. Enable it.
  6. Now, close the group. It will now appear in the bookmarks bar, as the first item. Clicking it will restore the group at any moment later!

That's it! Saved groups remain persistent between browser restarts and will be available on every other device where you use Chrome with the same Google Account credentials.

The ability to save and restore groups of tabs is not the only new feature of Chrome 119. The latest version of the browser comes with various enhancements and bug fixes, such as reducing the cookie lifespan to 400 days, enabling users to search through bookmark folders directly from the address bar, providing auto-correction for URLs with incorrect domain addresses, and other features.  Check here our comprehensive overview here.


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