What is Windows Feature Experience Pack for Windows 10 version 2004

Once you install Windows 10 version 2004, May 2020 Update, you may notice that the OS includes 'Windows Feature Experience Pack', a set of expansion features version 120.2202.130.0.


As you may already know, Microsoft gradually rolls out Windows 10 version 2004 to users. The roll-outs are postponed for certain devices that have compatibility issues,  and may have other reasons why you receive the OS later.

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Users who have updated their devices to Windows 10 version 2004 may notice an additional update the OS received, titled as Windows Feature Experience Pack. Unfortunately, Microsoft keeps silence and doesn't reveal what it includes.

Windows Feature Experience Pack
Image credits: ZDNet.

Here are some details on what Windows Feature Experience Pack provides in May 2020 Update.

Once you get it installed, you'll find Windows Feature Experience Pack listed as one of the Features on Demand, along with Internet Explorer, Notepad, Paint, PowerShell ISE, Quick Assist, and others. The Windows Feature Experience Pack, listed as available on Windows 10 version 2004 and later, "includes features critical to Windows functionality." Microsoft recommends users to keep this 44.15MB package installed.

What is in Windows Feature Experience Pack for Windows 10 version 2004

Right now, there are a few system components in the Windows Experience Feature Pack. It includes the updated Snipping tool, an updated text input panel, and an updated shell-suggestion user interface. According to ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, it is possible that the package will include more Windows 10 shell components over the time.

Foley also noted that there's been speculation that the Windows 10 Feature Experience Pack fits in with Microsoft's long-term goal of separating the Windows 10 UI/UX from the underlying Windows Core OS. This will allow Microsoft to implement different shells on top of the Windows basics, and switch between them (or restrict the OS to one of them) depending on the type of Windows 10 device on which the OS is installed.

So, as of this time, Windows Feature Experience Pack is just an update for a few core system components.

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6 thoughts on “What is Windows Feature Experience Pack for Windows 10 version 2004”

  1. Lack of separation between the core OS and the UI has always been one of the biggest problems with Windows in general. If this is really what they set out to do, I think it’s good news. I hope they also consider making a “full desktop” version of the UI similar to what it was like in Windows 7, and keep all that broken XAML stuff in tablet-oriented UIs. Or better yet, make some kind of SDK to enable people to create their own UIs.

  2. Какой-то сомнительный пакет. Причём MS немногословна, что создаёт ещё больше параноики.
    Заглянул в папку этого пакета в WinSxS и по файлам с именами ScreenClipping, SuggestionUI, TextInput, TextInputCommon успокоения нет. Не удивлюсь, если MS сделала дополнительное отслеживание ввода информации для показа подсказок. Например, вчера установил эту ОС и в браузере Google Chrome теперь появляются подсказки с рекламой в виде названий и картинок (brawl stars при вводе буквы b, m для minecraft, ь для rape me трек – Nirvana). В Edge аналогичные подсказки без картинок. До этого в 7-ке и более ранней 10-ке такого не замечал. Конечно, я не утверждаю взаимосвязь подсказок в браузере и пакета, так как быстрым поиском по Интернету не нашёл решения для отключения таких подсказок, а для детальной проверки нужно время и, вероятно, достаточные компьютерные навыки.

    1. Пример запроса, про который писал ранее:
      (не уверен, что комментарий добавится, поэтому отдельно)

  3. Браузер посмотрел, это оказалась настройка “Заполнять поисковые запросы и URL автоматически”, так что в текущий момент обсуждаемый пакет не лезет в браузер.

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