ViVeTool 0.3.1 allows enabling features by names, boot persistence, and much more

ViVeTool is one of the tools that need no introduction for enthusiasts. The app is the real game changer when it comes to hidden features and "controlled roll-outs" in Insider builds of Windows 10 and Windows 11. If something new is not available in your most recent Insider release, it is a matter of a couple commands to get it working. Tabs in File Explorer, new Search applet, and tens of other features were revealed with ViveTool. This excellent piece of software has now reached version 0.3.1 that brings with it a lot of novelties.

ViVeTool 0.3.1 allows enable features by names

Besides new features, the 0.3.x branch improves reliability and usability of the app. It is now immutable to OS restarts that could revert the changes. Also, it supports importing and exporting of the features that allows you to move them across your multiple devices. Combined with the new full reset feature, it will allow you to quickly test different sets of options.


The new release greatly improves performance when polling the feature list. It also introduces a new command syntax with the ability to address features by their names and not by IDs. For the latter, it includes a special dictionary that the app can update online. It also can now check for updates for its binaries.

Here are the list of changes included in the latest app release.

What's new in ViveTool 0.3.1

  • New command syntax
  • Improved boot persistence
  • Support for identifying features by names
  • Revised data types & struct bitfield sizes
  • Greatly improved library performance
  • Feature configuration import & export
  • 'Last Known Good' rollback system management
  • Full reset command
  • Update check command

Actually, its developer, @albacore, has initially released version 0.3.0 to the public that included all the above changes, but it was quickly superseded by ViveTool 0.3.1. The latter fixes the single Store parameter handling in Enable/Disable & Reset scenarios.

So, if you found out that you are out of luck with receiving Tabs, or any other feature - ViveTool is your friend.

Download it from GitHub, unpack its files to any folder, and open a new Windows Terminal to that folder.

In Terminal, run vivetool /? to learn more about its command line arguments and options.


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