Proton UI is now enabled by default in Firefox Nightly

Mozilla is inching closer toward the release of Firefox 89 that will bring some radical UI changes. Developers have been actively working on a brand-new design since the beginning of the current year. Codenamed Proton UI, this redesign will come with Firefox 89 due to release on June 1, 2021. Previously, Mozilla planned to ship this update in mid-May, but the company changed its plans and postponed the release by two weeks to gather more feedback.

More Proton Design bits in Firefox: New Tab Page and Menu

You can now enable the Proton New Tab Page and Proton Menu in Firefox. 

Firefox users can now check out the upcoming design changes in their favorite browser. In the Nightly Channel, developers released a new build with an updated menu and a new tab page design. These features join the recently updated Tab bar, and they all are part of the upcoming Proton UI overhaul.