Tab Search in Google Chrome now includes Recently closed tabs

Google continues to improve the Tab Search feature in the Chrome browser. The latest Canary build of the browser adds recently closed tabs to the list of open tabs, so you can search through them as well.

When you open multiple tabs, their width will reduce until you can only see the icon. Further opening tabs will make the icon disappear too. This makes it hard to quickly go to a specific tab. The new Tab Search feature can help in this situation.

Tab Search can be opened with a button in the tab row. It will open a search flyout that allows typing the tab name. There is also a hotkey to open it, Ctrl+Shift+E.

Earlier, the Tab Search pane has got dynamic height and timestamps. We also mentioned that Google was implementing the API for accessing recently closed tabs from the search. This change is now live in the Canary.

Recently Closed Tabs

When you click on the Tab Search button in the title bar in Chrome Canary, you will see recently closed tabs listed along with regular open tabs.

If you are interested in trying this feature in action, install Chrome Canary. Also, you may want to learn how to enable or disable the Tab Search feature.

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