Microsoft is working on cross-device copy paste between Windows and Android

You may be aware of the Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard for Android (and not just for Android). The app, which was acquired by Microsoft and now comes with their branding, is often preinstalled on many modern devices. It came to our knowledge that the Redmond software giant is working to add a cloud sync feature to the app.

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard Banner

This will open the door for cross-device clipboard synchronization that will work back and forth between Windows 10 and Android.

SwitfKey Could Clipboard Options

Some of the devices can already do that, being linked with Windows 10 via the Your Phone app. However, this feature is limited to Samsung smartphones. The two companies are working very productively together on enhancing collaborative work between their platforms. However, the result remains exclusive to Samsung phones, and to a limited number of its models.

The new feature may eliminate this limit, so most SwiftKey users will benefit from the update.

Unfortunately, it is not known yet when the feature will reach the production branch, or become available for testers. Microsoft is yet to announce it.


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