9 thoughts on “How to uninstall and remove Feedback in Windows 10”

      1. i think you can in pro, i disabled updates through store in one of the pro feature and i can not remember the name….

    1. This tweak still works. Run the cmd from the folder as Administrator. Don’t just double click, the CMD must be elevated. You can’t just be the admin account. You must use,”Run as Administrator,” priveleges. Wait until it finishes, it may hang but it’s still working in the background. Once it’s done, you can see it’s gone if you use classicshell and click APPS or if you reboot it will be fully deleted from METRO/WIN10 Apps.

  1. hey thank you for the upload, i will use it on my vm and see what happens after updates. for the other comments, registry for diffrent people some time have parts missing that another pc may have, maybe you need to update windows..

  2. I probably don’t want to uninstall feedback altogether, just prevent it annoyingly hogging the Win-F key and point it back to FIND like it always was in wndows 7.

    Is that possible somehow?

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