24 thoughts on “How to change the logon screen color in Windows 8.1”

  1. Hi,
    I am getting “Please use the application from x64 folder” error when attempting to launch the application from x64 folder. It seems the executables in both x64 and x86 are 32-bit version only. Please check.

  2. Great.. thanks.. I have been looking for this in web for an hour before I hit this post.
    Not sure why Microsoft don’t take care of such small things.
    They also remove personalization option from 8. …. not good..

  3. From the Start screen, Settings -> Personalize -> Background Color

    This will change the color of the Start screen and the Logon screen.

    1. oh!!! Really???
      hahaha :D

      Brian, this will change YOUR logon screen color.
      If you will sign out from your account, you will see the default logon screen with default blue color.
      In this article, I’ve covered the default one, not per-user.

  4. Thank you for making and providing this tool :).

    I’ve got an idea: could it be SOMEHOW possible, to actually make windows 8.1 able to use a (lock screen) background IMAGE instead of a colour???

    If you know any info on this it’d be appreciated! thanks :)…

  5. Hey- Thanks for the Tool. Super cool :)
    The standard blue screen have been driving me CRAZY ! :D

    But I wonder why you haven’t chosen both Black and White as color options !?
    Especially Black background would be nice I think. But the closest to black is a dark grey.

    I’m not complaining at all, but if you would decide to add the color Black to the options, that would be so great !!



    1. Microsoft has banned the Black color from using as the Start screen background.
      I do not know why.

  6. I am un able to use the tool ( policies), but need to be able to change the color of the screen… do you know the registry hive to make this cgange… or where your application makes the change in order to manually make the change without the tool?

  7. Ok. Works well. But how do we change the background color of the password entry screen?

    We use a Windows 8.1 computer for our video presentation computer. Extend the display to a second display. Connect our projector to the second display. The Logon screen and the Password entry screen change the background color on both displays.

    Thanks in advance!

  8. I am running this on Windows 8.1, yet I get the message “This application was designed and tested only with Windows 8.1”, and the application doesn’t launch. Is something wrong?

  9. You get this message when Windows hasn’t been activated. Even the Regedit hack doesn’t work unless you have Activated Win8.1.

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