Download the last stable version of Winamp plus skins and plugins

As the official web site of Winamp does not have links to download skins and plugins nor the Winamp installer, I would like to share with you a huge collection of Winamp skins, plugins and the installer here at Winaero. Winamp's website says it is coming soon but it's been months since it was pulled and even if it makes a comeback, we are not sure if all of Winamp's features are going to be intact, and if the skins and plugins are still going to be compatible. In my personal collection, i have over 500(!!) skins and lots of plugins.


Winamp is one of the most popular media players available for Windows. It's also one of the oldest ones. From my personal experience, it is one of the most versatile and feature-rich media players, has an enormous variety of plugins and skins available and is stable enough for every day use.

It runs fast and plays with a clean sound powered by a graphic equalizer.

Here is how you can get back the Winamp experience.

Download Winamp stable or Winamp beta

  1. If you need the latest Winamp publicly available, click here to get it.
    It is the untouched, original Winamp installer released by AOL/Nullsoft.
  2. If you want to try Winamp beta, click here. It is also the genuine, unmodified installer.
  3. Install either the last stable or the beta version.

Download skins

Get the skins you like from this gallery. This is my favorite skin:
Vista green
You can pick any skin you like from 500+ skins in my collection.

Download plugins

Get the necessary plugins from here (200+ plugins: coming soon).
Also, I have a Winamp Essentials Pack Installer.

Winamp Essentials Pack is a set of plug-ins provided by developers of Winamp and recommended to be always installed with Winamp.

Winamp Essentials Pack contains :

- Ogg Vorbis Encoder
- Apple Lossless (alac) Decoder
- WavPack Decoder
- Waveform Wrapper
- Lite-n Winamp Preferences
- ML Enqueue & Play
- Time Restore & Autoplay
- Skin Manager
- Album Art Viewer
- Playlist Undo
- Find File On Disk
- Unicode Taskbar Fixer
Enjoy your revived Winamp experience!

Note: All copyrights are reserved by their respective owners. Winamp was the property of AOL. All skins credits go to their authors. It is being revived in the community spirit.


15 thoughts on “Download the last stable version of Winamp plus skins and plugins

  1. Phil


    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      you are welcome.

    2. Don Warshaw

      Hi Sergey,

      Like many others, I find your site immensely helpful for the learning in addition to the offerings. I am trying to do an ESD to ISO conversion for W@in 10 64 v1803 build 17.134.1 I want to try and use an upgrade version so I can repair in place and not lose all my software which takes 7-10 days to reinstall and modify.

      Unfortunately, this happens when I click the ESD to ISO tool link:

      This site can’t be reached
      The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

      Do you have another way to download this tool, or is your tool that is good for an earlier version of Creator’s now good for any and all going forward?
      Your help is greatly appreciated!

  2. zydrius32

    I really like the new Like & Dislike buttons you‘ve introduced in your blog in comment section!

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      I like them too.
      It makes comments more “social” and interactive :D

  3. Nostromov

    The download files, on this page, above: ‘Here is the latest stable verion, the last beta version’, are both named as the beta: WinampEssentialsPackInstall57_3444_beta_[]*.zip & IDK if this is in error!..:)

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Thank you, fixed

  4. Fuzzalina

    You wouldn’t happen to have a copy of the Winamp for Android would you? Or know where to get it? One day I saw that it was no longer listed as a program I had downloaded. I still have it on my tablet, but I just bought a new phone and wish I could have it there. Can’t find anything that works as well.

    I assumed the program was pulled, but didn’t do any research. Just ran across this article while looking for something else.

  5. Rashid

    Thank you for the organized way of showing the info and details.Big thanks for the download links too.Sure I liked it.

  6. Myrddin R Emrys

    That is a nice skin. The one I’ve been using is called InterPol and is very similar. Thanks for having a library for WinAmp.! I had tried several other players and either I’m too spoiled by it to have anything else quite measure up or, maybe they just don’t measure up to everything that WinAmp has & does.
    Thanks again.!!

  7. Anonymous

    Hi !
    For information

    THE NEWEST VERSION (5.8.3660 WAS RELEASED) in Winamp official website

  8. Hina

    Hi !
    For information

    THE NEWEST VERSION (5.8.3660 WAS RELEASED) in Winamp official
    This version 5.8 have problems with custom skins, all my custom skins broke with this version (there is no guide or solution to fix this) winamp closes and will not let me open it again, radionomy needs to work to correct this or leave the things how were they, my humble opinion.

  9. noiz82

    Thanks for this page. I love Winamp.

  10. hsno

    I can’t download your 500+ skins collection link. Is it maybe violated/ copyright ?


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