22 thoughts on “Disable Twitter’s New Interface and Restore Old Design Back”

  1. The reverse works as well. If you go to the Application -> Cookies -> Twitter, then right click in the list of cookies and hit Add New, add rweb_optin and set its value to side.

    Then reload the page to get the new layout.

  2. “rweb_optin” state: on, off, top, side, top_no_out, side_no_out, off_top, off_side.
    You can try find differences.

  3. А старый (самый старый, который можно в осле увидеть через твиттер фейс на любых браузерах без правки user-agent можно запускать?

    1. У меня получалось только заменой UA на IE11 и никак больше.

  4. I followed the above but this doesn’t fully go back to the old layout, it just removes the left side bar and puts the ‘Home/Explore/Notifications/Messages’ tabs along the top but still doesn’t look right compared to how it was.

  5. Twitter has eliminated the legacy switch. Twitter is impossible to use on a desktop computer. I couldn’t even figure out how to post a message to a twitter user. I have deleted my account.

  6. For those struggling with changing the value to “off”, you can also just delete the rweb_optin parameter.

    I had to do this in order for mine to restore properly.

    1. It looks like the trick has stopped working. Now the cookie value gets overwritten every time you reload the page.

  7. If you’re in Firefox, no extension needed:

    – Go to [about:config]
    – Right-click, New String
    – Name as []
    – Value as [Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko]

    1. I have tried the above steps, going to about:config, and then doing the following steps, but it has not worked for me at all. It says modified. I also can’t delete the string to then put the same one.

      Is there an video or something for the steps? Still, I have tried the steps, but it has not worked at all.

  8. The new Twitter design is too horrible. The tweets don’t pop out, the videos are not playing properly, the new tweets are moving down with great pace which makes it really difficult to maintain. the design it completely useless.

  9. В Мозилле тоже кобздец, не работает вариант с about:config. Новый интерфейс – мерзость страшная.

  10. Пардон, уточняю, метод about:config в Мозилле работает, но обязательно почистить куки и кэш.

  11. Thank you, Polar, and than you too, Winaero, for the instruction on how to override the twitter web designer morons in Firefox.

    Much appreciated! You guys rule!

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