7 thoughts on “Disable Password Reveal Button in Windows 10”

  1. Sorry but I’m confused.

    I have Win 10 Pro (x64) Ver. 1607. If I click on the “eye” icon it reveals “Password Hint: *my previously chosen hint*”
    Unless I had inserted the actual password as my hint (which I feel would be self defeating and very unwise as why have a password at all) it does NOT show my actual Password.

    A meaningful well chosen hint that is ONLY HELPFUL TO ACTUAL GENUINE user but be of NO use to others can be useful for those users who occasionally get confused or forget which password is used by them for their Windows logon.

    Am I missing something or is my system functioning differently to other Win 10 users?

      1. Following your reply Sergey I searched online. I think I now know why I have hints and do not see the password (unless I placed the actual password in Hints that is) . I have read Live Users accounts do not show hints and my User Account is a LOCAL account (not a LIVE account) as I am not willing to give MS constant connection via LIVE. Hence, why I would not even consider its new Mail app (which I understand is not great currently anyway) and continue to use Windows Live Mail 2012 with IMAP settings for Hotmail and email accounts (Its setting is NOT connected to “Windows Live services”).

        I am guessing it is because I have only a Local account that is may be the reason why I have never seen Candy Crush (or the like) loaded into my PC over the past year. Until I read about it recently, I never knew it was even happening to Users.

        I am not an MS basher and over the years have and STILL DO love its Windows and Office products BUT my trust in MS has LONG GONE over its increasing data gathering and methods to do so, and now also because of its Anniversary Update’s removal of previously provided User options (found in Ver 1511 and the original release versions), to deliberately restrict Users from disabling what we once could if we wished.

        I cannot deny I worry about what other useful options will disappear with future Windows 10 major updates (I believe there are two forecast for 2017). If MS ever removes the use of Local accounts option to forcer Live Account usage only, I will go back to Windows 7, which I was very happy with (that’s assuming of course, MS doesn’t decide to close down User options or even worse try to force Live accounts on that Operating System).

        Maybe I shouldn’t give MS any bad ideas here ;)

  2. Just installed it.. It seems to work EXCEPT for paypal. Very odd. Any idea why? If there should be a password blocked it should be paypal!

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