ThemeConverter for Windows 8

As you may know, Windows 8 can tune up color of windows automatically to match current wallpaper's color. All what you need to do is little change of theme file. I make simple application for lazy people (most of us are lazy) which can add autocolorization to any theme you have with one click! It is the ThemeConverter for Windows 8.

It traditionally has dual language UI (English/Russian) and covers following scenario:

  • Go to Windows Personalization Gallery and grab some cool, awesome themes.

  • Install them.

  • Run ThemeConverter for Windows 8. Convert any theme you want to theme with auto color with one click. You can apply theme from software directly.

  • Bored with auto color feature? Convert theme back to static color (sure, with one click).

I make ThemeConverter for Windows 8 for brand new russian project "Themes for Windows 8", so it is their exclusive application. Grab it from their site:

Download ThemeConverter for Windows 8


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  1. Anonymous
    10 Mar 12

    link is broken

  2. tailan
    14 Oct 13

    Good Program.

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