Microsoft is shutting down its Hotfix service

Users of Microsoft products must be familiar with their Hotfix service, which offered downloadable small updates, fixes or patches for Windows, Office and all other products to resolve various issues in existing installations. Hotfixes usually address only a single issue, without containing cumulative multiple fixes. The service was extremely valuable for those who faced only a certain issue and needed to fix just that problem without downloading all available huge updates or a gigantic cumulative update rollup or a service pack. Now, its days are over.
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Remove Shop for music online From the Context Menu

Windows Media Player (WMP) is the default audio and video player app in all Windows versions. Even in Windows 10, where it is not associatiated with media files any more because of UWP Groove Music and Video apps, WMP is still available. In certain Windows versions, Windows Media Player adds a special context menu command, 'Shop for music online'. Here is how to remove it.
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Replace Notepad With Notepad++ Using This Trick

Notepad is a simple text editor for Microsoft Windows. It has been included in all versions of Microsoft Windows since Windows 1.0 in 1985. It is suitable for users who occasionally perform basic text editing. Advanced users and programmers often use more powerful third-party apps like Notepad++, Geany, Sublime Text, and others. Here is a trick that will allow you to replace Notepad with Notepad++. It works in all Windows versions, including Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

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.NET Framework 3.5 is moving to its End of Support

Windows 10 comes with .NET framework 4.5 pre-installed, but many apps developed in Vista and Windows 7 era require the .NET framework v3.5 installed along with 4.5. These apps will not run unless you will install the required version. Starting with Windows 10 version 1809 and Windows Server 2019, Microsoft considers the .NET Framework as a standalone product even though it ships with the operating system. It is on a different release and support schedule. The company has announced the End of Support date for version 3.5 of the product.

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Unblock NVIDIA Control Panel Store App in Windows 10

Some time ago, NVIDIA released a version of their Control Panel for drivers to the Microsoft Store. Anyone can get it installed. However, it doesn't work out of the box. The app is locked to certain drivers and (probably) OEMs.

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Winamp 5.8 Beta Found Its Way to the Internet

Winamp is definitely one of the best media players available for Microsoft Windows. It has a long history, impressive popularity and still has plenty of users around the world. Unfortunately, the project started to lose its popularity due to AOL and their management policies. Winamp got a paid pro version, and there was no UI improvement for many years. Since 2013, there hasn't been a single release of the app. Suddenly, this week a beta version of the upcoming Winamp 5.8 found its way to the Internet.

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Export Chat History To a File in Telegram Desktop

The Telegram Messenger app is very popular on both Desktop and mobile. If you installed and used it, you might be interested in exporting individual chat history to a file. Here is how it can be done.

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Fix Slow Performance of Windows 10 Guest in VirtualBox

VirtualBox is my virtualization software of choice. It is free and feature-rich, so all my virtual machines are created in VirtualBox. Starting with Windows 10 April 2018 Update (and its pre-release versions), I noticed very poor performance of Windows 10 guests in VirtualBox. Here is how I fixed it.

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Find Which .NET Framework Versions Are Installed

As you may already know, you may have different .NET framework versions installed simultaneously. Many modern apps are built with .NET, so certain apps may require a specific .NET version. Without the proper .NET version, the app may run with issues or just won't start. Here are a number of ways to find which .NET framework versions you have installed.

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