Windows 10 might come with new Interactive Tiles in the future

Windows 8 replaced Gadgets with Live Tiles as a new way to show information to the end user. Live Tiles make use of Windows push notifications to show you updated content from apps in the Windows App Store. Microsoft is working to improve Live Tiles, so you can interact with them. Now that we know Windows 10 is the last big release of Windows, interactive live tiles may be delivered as an update to Windows 10.

On Channel 9 which is Microsoft's developer community, there is a video which showcases these new type of tiles. It says that after the release of Windows 10, you may get these Interactive Tiles with some update. There is a known update, codenamed Redstone, being planned for Windows 10 which will be rolled out in 2016. Probably that update will bring Interactive Tiles to end users.Windows 10 interactive tiles

Windows 10 interactive tiles in action The following video demonstrates interactive live tiles in action:

This video shows the concept of the Interactive Tiles feature, so the final version of the feature can look and act completely different. But the video gives you an idea of what to expect. So what do you think about these new tiles? Would you like to have something similar or do you think Microsoft could implement Tiles in a different way? Maybe you want Microsoft to put back Desktop Gadgets in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10? Let us know in the comments below. (via Neowin)

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