Opera 43 Beta with Ability to Select Link Text and More

The team behind the Opera browser today released a new version of their app. Opera 43 Beta reached the beta channel and brings some interesting features. Now it starts faster, comes with instant page loading and finally has my favorite ability to select text in the link without a hyperlink.

Let's start with the last feature, as it looks most interesting. One of my favorite features of the classic Opera browser (which ended with the Opera 12 release) was the ability to select text in the link. In modern browsers, it can be a bit hard to select some text on a web page if the text is inside a hyperlink. But in Opera 12, it was possible to easily select it just like a regular text paragraph without a hyperlink.
Finally, Opera 43 brings this feature back to the Chromium-based browser. Opera developers restored the good old behavior:

  • horizontal mouse movements: select text
  • vertical mouse movements: drag link

Here is how it looks:

Very useful.

Another feature Opera 43 comes with is instant page loading. This is possible thanks to Opera 43 the address bar speculative prerenderer option. It will learn your preferences from your browsing history and habits. For example, if you start typing "nyt.com" in the browser every time, it will eventually learn that and load New York Times in the background. So, New York Times will be opened for you faster.
Another example - it will load search results in the background, so once you click a link from Google Search, it will open instantly.
This will improve the loading speed of your websites. Read about the address bar speculative prerenderer HERE.

The browser got performance improvements. Due to special Profile Guided Optimizations (PGO) – a Visual Studio C++ compiler feature, the browser will run faster. It "learns" which parts and functions of the source code are most important and which parts are least called, and can optimize the frequently used functions in a more effective way.

You can get Opera 43 using these links:

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