Microsoft Office gets stability improvements on Mac and iOS with the recent Office Insider update

Microsoft has launched the Office Insider program for Mac and iOS users not so long ago. They are keeping it updated at a frequent pace. The company has recently released a new Office Insider build for Mac and iOS, bringing more performance and stability improvements to its users. On mobile devices, the changes are focused on improving the user experience for Word, Excel and PowerPoint, while Office for Mac has received some additional tweaking in the Outlook mail app.

Microsoft Office For Ios[1]

The official change log for this build on iOS devices (Version 2.0 170412) has just two entries:

  • Excel: Improved stability when working with workbooks that include formatting such as protected sheets.
  • Word and PowerPoint: Improved stability when viewing Office 365 subscription in-app purchase.

As for Outlook for Mac, its users will finally be able to create email templates. You can save any existing message as the template for future use by using the "Save As Template…" entry in the File — New menu. All of the created templates will be stored in .emltpl files, which is a rather strange decision since the Windows version uses .oft format for its templates. As a result, you can't share or use the same email templates between Mac and Windows versions of Outlook.

These Microsoft Office updates are available in the App Store on both macOS and iOS devices for members of the Office Insider program.

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