How to switch Firefox display language on the fly

If you use multiple locales and languages frequently, you might be switching between display languages in Firefox. For example, when I am working with Russian and English locales, I am switching from English to Russian UI in Firefox and vice versa, depending on the language I am writing in. Today, we will review the fastest way to do it.

All we need to use is a lightweight addon called "Simple Locale Switcher".

    1. Press Ctrl + Shift + A keys together to open the Add-ons Manager in a new tab in Firefox. See more useful Firefox hotkeys HERE and HERE.
      You can also click "Add-ons" from the Tools menu instead to open it.
    2. In the search box, type Simple Locale Switcher and press Enter.

Click the Install button for this addon: simple locale switcher

  1. Restart the Firefox browser: restart the browser
  2. Now, click the sandwich menu button in the top right corner of Firefox and click Customize: customize
  3. Drag the language button to the Firefox menu for faster access: lanugage button

Now, you can click the Language button in the sandwitch menu to switch between Firefox display languages quickly: language menu

Install additional display languages that you want and you are done!

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