How to get rid of Australis in Firefox

Few days ago, I wrote about an extension for Mozilla Firefox which will allow you to disable Australis, the new user experience in Firefox and get back the classic user interface. Today, I am happy to share with you that the extension has got a name, Classic Theme Restorer. This awesome extension works like a charm and allows you to get rid of Australis completely, right after install. As the author promised, the extension is available for download in time as Australis reached the nightly build of Firefox.

Here is how the nightly build of Firefox looks by default with Australis:
firefox australis
Download and install Classic Theme Restorer, and the user interface of Firefox will be switched back to the good old classic theme after restarting the browser:
firefox nightly with classic theme
The other awesome thing about this plugin is that it is able to restore the addons bar, add the custom toolbar and even customize the "Firefox" button. Along with other options, this add-on is really a must-have extension for all Firefox users who do not like Australis which reduces customization options in Firefox.

See the following video to see the Classic Theme Restorer add-on in action:

5 thoughts on “How to get rid of Australis in Firefox

  1. David H Johnson

    The same people who use this extension are most likely the same people who add the start menu to Windows 8/8.1 or are still using Windows 7 or XP. I have this browser installed on my system (not default,) and it is very, very nice.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      It looks not bad, but reduces the usability of Firefox.

    2. mrostka

      Ohhh… you mad.

    3. JR

      Then don’t do it? People like you who like to just take whatever you’re given should just use Chrome. People use firefox because of its customization, it should have been obvious to mozilla that forcing australis on everyone was going to have blowback. But alas, people like you have convinced them it’s just baby duck syndrome. Pretty soon Firefox will just be a hollow shell with Chrome stuffed inside it like Opera now is

      1. Someone

        I know. I hate the hipster generation. So utterly full of technologically illiterate fools.

        Newer is only newer. Newer isn’t better by default, newer isn’t worse by default. Newer is only newer and what matters most is if added functionality outweighs the removed functionality.


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