How To Find HomeGroup Password in Windows 10

The HomeGroup feature is a simplified solution from Microsoft to provide file sharing ability between all computers in your home network. With HomeGroup, you will be able to share photos, music and videos files, various office documents and even printers. Also, you can allow other family members to change files that you have shared. In this article, we'll see how to find your HomeGroup password in Windows 10.

HomeGroup Desktop Icon In Windows 10

Before proceeding, ensure your network location type is set to Private (Home). Otherwise, discovery and access will be limited and the HomeGroup icon won't be visible on the Desktop. You won't be able to browse the Windows network from other PCs and their shares. Please see the following articles:

Note: Once you set your network location type as Private, Windows 10 automatically shows the HomeGroup icon in the navigation pane of File Explorer.

To change the HomeGroup password in Windows 10, do the following.

  1. It is recommended that you turn on all the computers joined to your HomeGroup before proceeding.
  2. Open File Explorer.
  3. Click in the Homegroup icon on the left.HomeGroup In File Explorer
  4. In the Ribbon, go to the HomeGroup tab and click on the button "Change homegroup settings".HomeGroup Change Settings Button File Explorer
  5. The classic Control Panel will open. Tip: You can open it directly by visiting the Control Panel\Network and Internet\HomeGroup page.HomeGroup Settings Control Panel
  6. Click on the View of print the homegroup password link.View Homegroup Password Link
  7. The following page will be opened. There, you can see your current homegroup password and print it if you need.View Homegroup Password Windows 10

The same settings page can be used to change the homegroup password. See the following related articles:

That's it.

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