Enable save as MHTML option in Google Chrome

For years, Internet Explorer has supported saving a web page as a single file web archive (.MHT). You might be surprised to know that Google Chrome has also added native support for saving pages as MHTML but it is not enabled by default. MHTML is an extremely convenient format for sharing with someone because everything from the HTML page is saved to a single *.mhtml file - all the text, CSS styles, scripts and even images will be saved. It also keeps your folder with saved web pages tidier. Let me show you how to activate the MHTML support in Google Chrome without using add-ons or plugins.

To enable MHTML support in Google Chrome, do the following:

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser and type the following text in the address bar:

    This will open the flags page directly with the relevant setting.

  2. Click the Enable link under this option. It will change its text to Disable.
  3. Restart Google Chrome by closing it manually or you can also use the Relaunch button which will appear at the very bottom of the page.
    save page as mhtml

After Chrome restarts, check out the Save dialog - just press Ctrl + S keys on any open tab. The browser will offer you to save it as a single file:
chrome save dialog mhtml
chrome page saved as mhtml
That's it! Unfortunately, Google Chrome does not always correctly open MHT files saved by other browsers.

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