6 thoughts on “Disable Insecure Login Prompt in Firefox

  1. David Johnson

    Firefox is a very annoying browser. I highly recommend using Chrome instead.

    1. Gisabun

      Except Chrome is buggy software. Too many vulnerabilities. More CVEs than any other software out there.

  2. Joe

    hmmm…. still doesn’t autofill like previous versions.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      It allows me here. Exactly like in the previous versions.
      Did you change both options as described?

      1. Joe

        I changed them both (just checked again). Will not autofill. If I click in username then click a second time, it gives me a list and I can select it… but I have to type in the password (after looking it up in the saved logins).

  3. Joe

    Derp! I forgot to recheck the box for “Remember logins for sites”
    Seems like it used to work that way… so it wouldn’t keep asking to save sites but would fill ones already saved.

    Anyway, thanks.


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